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December 24, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

Branson in the case of the Patients Asscn is just the figurehead, not running a business (mind you he was canny getting rid of the Megastores when he did). I don't like Branson, personally, with his goofy grin and Blair-like speaking voice, but, I wonder, have YOU been in a hospital recently?

I have, and - really, "deep clean" or no, the sights are NOT for the squeamish in the lavatories, for example.

I know Paul will say it was Thatcher who privatised NHS Cleaning services, but i wojudl remind him Blair/Brown ToryLite have had 11 years to do something about it.


I am so glad I am not the only one who thinks that R Branson is a bumbling fool.
If it wasn't for the lucky break of releasing Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield that gave him his financial cushion to bumble about the business world he would be a nobody

Graham Marlowe

"Barbara Follett's home (not a flat) has about 100 windows"

Oh a typical working class Q"Labour" M.P. then, Paul. Follett as I recall was very enthusiastic about cutting single mothers benefits back in '97 and gave many BBC interviews on the topic. Another typical politicians trait - make the children of single parents pay for the perceived "fecklessness" of the parent(s).

The wife of a millionaire should pay to clean her own damn windows, be they in a flat or a house. It was reported that this £90 a week window cleaning was for the FLAT she used as her second home in London during the parliamentary week. This was never denied by the NL cheerleaders at the time.

Paul Flynn

I have had two contacts with the hospital you mention, one a constituency visit to accept a cheque from a local club and 18 months ago visiting a sick relative who was a patient in the hospice which is not part of private provision but available free to everybody.

Rhodri was treated in the same way that anyone else woud have been in his situation.

Jolly Roger

I'm sorry Paul, for raising your ire,
So now I'll jump from frying pan to fire.
Your appointment at St. Joseph's was taken from this blog,
So kindly explain, to clear up the fog.
Did you attend there or did you not?
Your praise for them was fulsome, or have you forgot.
I feel I've done nothing to earn this 'disgrace',
Or is this a truth that you'd rather not face?

As far as Rhodri's NHS use is concerned,
He just jumped the queue, as everyone's learned.
There were enough complaints from other persons,
Or do you just prefer the 'official' versions?
Rhodri's treatment was common enough,
Others had to wait and for them it's just tough.
Please don't think for a minute that I,
Would besmirch your blog with a knowingly told lie.

Paul Flynn

Graham I still do not know whether any of these had private treatment - neither, apparently, do you. I know for fact that neither Rhodri Morgan or I have any treatment other then NHS in our brief spells in hospitals last year.

Barbara Follett's home (not a flat) has about 100 windows.

Paul Flynn

The reason Jolly Roger your last contribution was edited was because it included a lie.

This site will not used for spreading accusations, that I know to be untrue, about anyone.

You have no basis for the accusation you made. You should be ashamed of yourself

Graham Marlowe

I wonder if Alan Milburn does?. Or Tony Blair - I remember when he was queer with a heart scare some years ago, he was whisked through the system in double quick time. And how about Mandelson's "kidney stones" the day after he crawled his way back into government in October? Back on Thursday afternoon, kidney stones removed Friday morning, back in the saddle Friday afternoon.

And Mrs Follett - a woman who wastes £90 of our money each week on cleaning the windows of her mayfair flat seems an ideal client for BUPA

Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw and all the other contributors for reading the blog and keeping it lively throughout the year. Like the vast majority of Labour MPsI have NOT used any service other than the NHS. What about Branson?

Lee from England

Well i for one, am glad someone is saying something of this dreadfull disease,highlighting the plight of the sick & old,& really filthy Hospitals,lax on hygiene,sloppy cleaners all contribute to,what is no more than a NHS disgrace,anything,& anything that is said at all on this subject is welcome,because most of the Politicians with there, im all right jack attitude, ought to be slung out of Parliament.


I hope everyone has a healthy and happy christmas and that the new year brings
peace and unlikely prosperity.

Apart from that and in the interests of balance
A report by Human Rights watch in September said that 119 Afghan civilians had been killed in coalition air strikes the first seven months of this year.

Graham Marlowe

Paul Why aren't you a kinister?

You have learned the rules of New Labour as well as anyone: If somebody says anything in the lightest bit criticval of the wonderful Briown Tory Liters, you just attack with smears and innuendo.

The saintly Blair even managed to ridicule Pope John Paul ll when he spoke out against the Iraq War - Auntie kndew best 9though of course he didn't)

I guarantee that if Brown or any of his cabinet toadies used the NHS (some hope!) and they caught MRSA there would be a bit of action, as it is, in glorious isolation, they are above these concerns. Oh yes, we had the "deep cleaning" routine, which was just shoving an extra teaspoonful of cheap synthetic disinfectant down the lavatory, so thats another one solved.

The fire has gone out of your belly now, paul. You might like tlo kid yourself you are a bit different from the rest of the PLP, but Bob Marshall-Andrews or John McDonnell you aint. You are a fully paid up member of the "I'd gladly lick Gordon's loo seat clean" faction.

Carry on like this and you'll soon find yourself sitting next to Soley in the House of Lords!

Jolly Roger

I'll re-name this posting as simply Paul's Piffle,
And I'll say it with an apposite whiffle.
Sounds to me as if Paul's suffering grapes,
So sour that he has no means of escapes.
Why shouldn't Branson speak for the peeps,
As opposed to you, Paul, and your NuLabour creeps?
He's certainly got cred by the bucket and measure,
And has profited from providing the public's pleasure.

You claim, Paul, that you're on the case,
Of this entirely Labour engendered disgrace.
You further claim that the Branson's don't use,
The NHS, no, that's just a ruse.
Please be assured that in a situ of trauma,
NHS or Private? It would be the former.
Sure, later on he would be in with the payers,
But you must understand that care comes in layers.

You then go on to slag off the Patient's Assoc.
With a venom tinged with buckets of gauche.
They've only be going for forty years,
So they must be able to access some pretty good ears.
Whereas you, Paul, with your minorish role,
Are digging yourself into a great big hole.
And at risk of making an impertinent squeak,
What qualifies YOU to NHS speak.

The answer is simple and easy to start,
Give the task to those with an NHS heart.
All departments where MRSA lurks,
Are lacking years of good cleaning works.
John Reid and his deep clean? Don't make me laugh,
He's just been dumped with the rest of the chaff.
Ask the clinicians, what should we do?
And they'll provide the answer for you.

They'll probably ask for more money to clear it,
And Gordon says no, just as we'd fear it.
It needs management that has a proven record,
Not MPs with second homes expensively decor'd.
As Branson says, when up in the air.
You just cannot be, 'devil may care'.
Mistakes are corrected or people die,
Yet millions fly with him all through the sky.

When Labour has a record as good as his,
Then you can say that you're doing the biz.
Until then, don't be so churlish,
Just like your mates who are frequently big girlish.
Your last posted sentence just tells us so much.
"Publicity seeking celebrity"? Nah, just the sound business touch.
You've really let us down with this latest bile.
Is this your new parliamentary style?

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