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December 30, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

"Kay Tie" Just in case you hadn't noticed, Israel shows no interest in ceasing either: They are playing their usual trick - striking at Gaza knowing however disproportinate their action they will get the full backing of the senile Bush. Israel totally ignored requests for a 48 hour ceasefire this week. The crap Isfraeli spokesmen spout about not wanting to harm ordinary civilians is otiose - and such a small area, as even pro-Israeli speakers agree, it is bound to result in such deaths.

Hamas has killed 4 people in Israel this week - agreed that is 4 too many, but the Israeli's have, by now, killed at least 400. Proportinate?

To take my analogy further: supposing Britain had decided to strike Northern Ireland at the height of the mainland bombing campaign, killing hundreds of people who had no connection whatsoever with terrorism - do you seriously imagine the USA would have stood by and said nothing "special relationship" or no?


Kay Tie
Happy New Year from the grieving parents of so many children.

Huw O'Sullivan

One side won't cease alright.
One side won't cease its occupation
One side won't cease it's landgrabs and building.
One side won't abide by any of even the watered down mealy mouthed UN resolutions that the US have allowed to pass.
One side will not cease its ongoing and consistent persecution of the people it considers no better than animals.
That one side is Israel.

You beat people daily, they either break completely or do their best to fight back
and hurt their oppressors any way they can
generally you get a mixture of both.

It's always interesting when people through
either ignorance or blind prejudice say things like the palestinians "started firing rockets weeks ago (which went unreported in Western media)"
Does the BBC not count as western media,
or is it that it doesn't fit Israel's desired propaganda stance that everyone is against them?

Kay Tie

"It is as irrational as Britain saying they don't like the American's electing the Deomocrats and we will bomb them till they change to the Republicans."

No, it's as rational as demanding unconditional surrender from a Germany that sent V1 rockets over Britain every day.

It's all very well saying "both sides must cease" but one side (Hamas) won't cease. It started firing rockets weeks ago (which went unreported in Western media) and Israel's patience has snapped. Yes, where we are now is terrible. But the blame lies firmly with Hamas, as indeed the Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit has said.

Graham Marlowe

Tony, the problem is that Israel don't like the democratically elected Hamas party, and, despite the weasel words from all the Israeli government toadies in the past few days "deeply regretting" the slaughter of civilian women and children, they have made it very clear they intend to continue their terror campaign until the government changes.

It is as irrational as Britain saying they don't like the American's electing the Deomocrats and we will bomb them till they change to the Republicans.

Apart from the other inanities Mark Ragaf has been mouthing, on The World At One yesterday, he implied that Israel's bombing campaign might aid the people of Gaza into changing their government. here he contradicts himself because if the Hamas government is "a terrorist organisation" as Ragaf constantly tells Radio 4 listeners, does he really think that publuic opinion will make Hamas call another election, or resign?

We all know the Israeli's do as they like, becausde America is terrified of offending them. Rce and Bush expose themselves as the pusilanimous cowards that they are.


There is no equality between the Israeli state and the Palestinians, it is not proper or right to pretend that there is.
Criticising both sides merely panders to Israel and allows them to continue with their torture of the Palestinians, particularly but not only in Gaza.
If you find a professional boxer, beating up a youth, you do not say they are both in the wrong , you do not even try to determine how to apportion blame until after you have stopped the fight.
And when a fight has to be stopped, its the side that can do the most serious damage that you concentrate on stopping.


You have to ctitise both parties here and I hope the letter makes a difference.
We would not stand for France lobbing missiles at us (not matter how ineffectual they were) and they would not stand for us blockading their country. So if seems to me that perhaps both sides will have to give a bit to get a lot. Hamas cannot believe that Israel has no right to exist and Israel cannot punish a whole people for their elected government

Lets hope 2009 gets some movement here !


AT LAST - a group of Politicians that are willing to openly criticise the Israelis as well as the Palestinian Militia.

If only the US government would have the same balls to do the same.

If only the US government would put equal pressure on both sides of this conflict and treat them the same (i.e. condemn both sides equally for their actions) and make Israel understand that they will not receive the US's unconditional support for such actions, and that the US will act against Israel the same way that they will against the Palestinians in the event of these atrocities being repeated in the future - then maybe, just maybe the world would be a better place.

It would also take away 1 of the arguments (and possibly the most persuasive argument to new recruits) that Al Qaeda has that the US always favour the Israelis and doesn't give a monkeys about Islamics.

and surely that would be a good thing too?

Graham Marlowe

Nice to be able to agree with you 100% on this one, Paul.

The injustice is appalling: Bush's rent-a-gob, Condellesa Rice remains mute, as she always does on these occassions. Imagine the outrage if another country were doing this to Israel.

It is high time the USA's unconditional love was taken away from Israel, then perhaps they would stop the bullying (being applied now, no doubt, for Israeli electioneering purposes, which makes it even more obscene), but I frankly doubt that Obama will have the courage, sadly. As for Bush, he is ending his ignoble period of office with the same bloodthirsty reputation as he started.

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