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November 20, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

I certainly think that no MP who has been forced to resign from the cabinet, for example, through impropriety of any sort, especially with regard to financial matters, should ever be given a peerage. That is asking for trouble. As the rules appear to be more relaxed in the HoL than the HocC that is asking for trouble in the future, and is almost an invitation for the errant former MP to continue to get up to their tricks.

Graham Marlowe

Perhaps not jargon, but how about an end to:

"Nothing's ruled in, and nothing's ruled out"

"We are where we are"

"Best practice" (does anyone really advocate SWORST ;practice -thougfh we often get it)

"Making a difference": Originally used by the Blair Babes when they forgot their script, but now taken up by everyone in public life.

and perhaps Osborne could now drop the "fixing the roof while the sun shines" soundbite which I have heard at least a dozen times now on radio

Paul Flynn

Thanks Huw. Thanks for the information. I've taken the item off.

Huw O'Sullivan

PhonepayPlus is the organisation that regulates products or services - such as competitions, TV voting, helplines, adult entertainment, downloads, new alerts or interactive games - that are charged to users' phone bills or pre-pay accounts.

They do provide a handy little number checker so you can find out more about any
particular premium rate number.


Huw O'Sullivan

The body previously known as ICSTIS
now rebranded as phonepayplus gives general information about 09xx numbers.


0906 numbers CAN carry a fixed rate charge
rather than a simple per minute charge.

It is generally good advice to not call any 09xx number unless you absolutely have to and know who you are dealing with.

Kay Tie

The maximum 0906 premium rate is £1.50 per minute, and you can't be billed £15 unless you hang on the line for ten minutes. Of course, it's still a scam and ICSTIS are useless - I had a problem with unsolicited reverse charge text messages from a rogue company and ICSTIS were unable to do anything. Quite frankly I can't see why the police couldn't get involved - it's blatant fraud. But the police these days have other priorities.

Graham Marlowe

"Hazel Blears will sit down with Total Politics publisher Iain Dale to mull over the finer points of tap-dancing and big bikes. "

Just about sums up her intellectual capabilities doesn't it? And Pound wanted her as Deputy Leader!

Says it all, really.


Michael Scholar o Dowlais born Merthyr bred nice to see him doing well

Paul Flynn

Steady on, Huw. I have written for several tabloids in the past. It's very useful to get through to millions of readers who do not follow parliament or read blogs. However it tends to be relatively short lived. We live in hope.

There is is real danger that national attention brings a national reaction in messages that are difficult to handle. The constituents come first.

Huw O'Sullivan

Good heavens, does this mean Paul that you may be about to become a national celebrity.

Will we be seeing your daily column in the mirror and appearances on have I got news for you.

Will your constituency work suffer?
Will your blog start earning?

Will even more swarms of borderline sane people start commenting.

Wheres my purple crayon?

Will S

I laughed out loud. :)

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