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November 29, 2008


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Paul Flynn

You are against American spelling but you have been brainwashed on subsidies. Why should millionaire farmers get £millions in Income Support?

The supermarkets have invested in British farmers and are paying above market prices for milk and other products. They have also provided a vast variety of food at affordable prices.


The REAL problem is the EU - get Britain out and let every family in the land save £1000 a year or 3p off income tax. The Auditors haven't signed off the EU's accounts for the last FOURTEEN years!! Can you imagine any Company in this country being able to do that??

Stop using American spelling...

But if you pull subsidies all of a sudden, it is the poorer farmers who will be wiped out first. Your rant against subsidies is rather hollow, unless you are going to take drastic action against the supermarkets. They are the real villains of the piece. They are the REAL beneficiaries of the 'subsidy culture', not a few 'farming barons'. However iniquitous the money sent to these barons is, without steps to tackle the inequality of bargaining power that farmers have, removal of subsidies is not likely to reduce the wealth of the barons or the supermarkets, who can just 'diversify' their 'hot money' into some other money-grubbing scheme.


Any idea who Ian McCartney's favoured charity is? There are a huge variety of causes there.

I'm not making a suggestion these were the benificeries, but it is worth noting the British Nuclear Energy Society and Institution of Nuclear Engineers are charities. I note from the Charity Commission overview BNES's income has climbed from £61,547 in 2003 to £573,593 in 2006 - I'd guess largely from support by a hopeful nuclear industry.

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