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November 19, 2008


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Chris. The Week in Westminster gave me a generously great amount of time to get my points across.

I am very grateful to them. The item was a serious one but they included lots of the entertaining stuff as well.

Thank you Matthew and producers

chris morrell

Hello Paul ..just heard you on "Week in Westminster".. how pathetic can they be about things?
Berating you for what amounts to colourful description!..just ignore them...web-hosting (as anyone should know) costs very little anyway..(average of less than a fiver a month!?)Political advertising budgets should be slashed to just a few thousand pounds.. Maybe the massive mobilising of activism and donations that Barack Obama realised can,at last wake our lot up to the new reality!
I will check out your recommendations...
Chris Morrell

Click here

"Labour MP rapped for his 'rude' blog"


Do the other manics know that you have turned up?

Paul Flynn

If this is our maddest hour,Richard lunacy pays off. We have gone from 17 points down in the polls to three.


As another blogger (nby) has just written, "if the New Labour lasts for a thousand years, this will be their maddest hour" So true.

Paul Flynn

Roger, I am also concerned about these proposals. they seem hopelessly impractical and based on a mis-understanding of this business. Most of the sex-workers oppose the changes.

John Lilburne

Well done, Paul, keep it up.

Roger Thornhill

Now, Paul, do you "get" why you and all the other MPs were sent "1984"?

It is NOT ABOUT SMOKING but about oppression of the individual, discarding of due process (warrants), RIPA, SOCA, Terrorism act 2000, systematic organisation of "society" to condemn via PC legislation and browbeatinng. And now Harriet Harman pushing through an utterly BOGUS set of laws using downright falsehoods disingenuously dressed up to appear as fact - even on C4 last night she tried to give the impression that 70% of women in brothels were trafficked against their will. FALSE. Put Harman next to a liar and you would not get a cigarette paper between them.


Well done for keeping the blog going, but given recent events in here, I can't help but find the irony in this statement funny:

"They don't understand the net. They simply don't get it. It is like 1984."


>The blog charges on. Independent. Liberated. Opinionated. Un-censored. Fun.

Yay! The fun continues.

Life would be much simpler without those damned Communication Allowances *and* the Ashcroft Money.


Sion Davies


I’d never heard of you before this morning when the Today programme mentioned the attempts to censor your blog.

So I had a look at it and read the post about Obama’s speech.

I agree. It was superb. And I hope his achievements will match his ambitions.

I agree with you too, it is a sort of Year Zero, but I see him picking up where Bobby Kennedy left off.

Look at this –

Bobby Kennedy speaking at the Ambassador Hotel,

Los Angeles, June 5th 1968, minutes before he was shot and killed:

I think we can end the divisions in the United States.

We can work together …

we can start to work together again.

We are a great country,

an unselfish country and

a compassionate country …

So, my thanks to all of you,

and it's on to Chicago!

And let's win there.

Barack Obama, hours after his election,

speaking at Grant Park, Chicago, November 4th 2008 :

Hello Chicago!

… This victory alone

is not the change we seek.

It is only the chance for us to make that change.

… So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism,

of service and responsibility

where each of us resolves to pitch in and

work harder and look after

- not only ourselves - but each other.

It cannot happen without you,

without a new spirit of service,

a new spirit of sacrifice...

Change has come to America.

And yes, it's been a long time coming.

I have no idea if Barack Obama feels the connection.

Bobby’s widow, Ethel, referring to Barack in 2005, said :

“I think he feels it.
He feels it just like Bobby did.
He has the passion in his heart.
He’s not selling you.
It’s just him.”

Wishing you well,


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