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November 24, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

The answer to all our problems is Lord Sainsbury!

I have just heard on the news that M'Lord has converted a "loan" of over £2million pounds to new Labour to a "donation".

Perhaps we should all apply to his Lordship for a loan as he is so generous and has so much money to give away. Or perhaps he could just reduce the prices in his supermarkets - or at least not keep raising prices so often.

Paul Flynn

The spending on drugs has never been higher and increasing by three times inflation a year. On top of that spending has doubled on the NHS.

Agree with some of the wasted £billions

Paul Flynn

What are you talking about Jason? You are in for a disappointment if you are expecting to see me in the Job Centre.


It's interesting that the 'Brains Trust' of the cabinet cannot find taxpayers money for vital NHS drugs and deny suffering people medication on a post code basis.
Seems strange that the same dudes can find it to finance the olympics, bail out the banks, pay the debts of failed football clubs and stealth bomb Thousands of innocent people.

Jason Singleton

If you have resorted to displaying that photo then you have failed as a politician. See you in the job centre soon!

Jolly Roger

We've had Clegg the clunker and now Flynn the flunker,
Reassuring us from his well pensioned bunker.
Be grateful ye proles and look what we've given,
As against rising costs ye have valiantly striven.
You oldies can look forward to jam tomorrow,
As we cobble a deal with whatever we can borrow.
Here's sixty quid, that'll keep 'em quiet,
And encourage an even more frugal diet.

"'Scuse me" said a quiet voice from the back,
"I'm still paying double Tax from the cash that I lack.
Have I missed something whilst I've been away?
I'm still waiting for my refund and get poorer by the day.
I've had my heating allowance. Oooh! That's nice.
But I'll save it to pay the Council Tax price,
That'll rise as sure as eggs is eggs,
We're taxed until we're on our last legs."

VAT's dropped by a whole two'n'half percent,
That's a fat lot of good when my money's being spent.
I won't be rushing to spend to save,
As I eke out my pension on my way to the grave.
I'm sorry Paul, it's too little, too late,
We oldies are simply condemned to our fate,
And despite your reassurances, we just don't believe you.
It sounds as if your senses are ready to leave you.

You post a picture of the Bullingdon boys,
With their prams simply awash with toys,
Shall we have a look at your own Front Bench,
With their fortunes stinking with the sleazey stench?
How many Labour Millionaires are there now,
Who've made their pile off the Public's Cash Cow?
You can't be doing too bad yourself,
With your 'frugal' life of accumulating wealf.

Graham Marlowe

"Today we witnessed a brilliant stroke of political magic."

No Paul, not exactly.

What we saw was a panicky Prime Minister encouraging his Chancellor (probably against his will) to bribe people with their own money: any device, whoever tacky to cling to power.

Yes there were a few good things, but when you examine the detail..... VAT to be cut by 2.5 per cent, from December 1st, UT a government minister on todays World At One making it clear it is OK by her if smaller companies take their time in instituting it. A government so desperate to be seen as "business friendly" that it still refuses to force the banks to honour their part of the recent "bargain" - even though Mervyn KIng has pressed them to do so.

Vince Cable was right - land prices are at a low, so a very good opportunity for the government to ensure investment in council housing, but no, the govt is too sxcared to do it, still encouraging people to believe that they have to buy their own house. Or rent from private greedy landlords.

Brown is so crass he thinks the sop of applying a 45 per cent tax to the few "super rich" is enough to get the left of his back.

I somehow doubt it.


I do not know your circumstances so it's impossible to work out the benefits. Are you working.? Pensioner?. Disability benefits?

You don't sound like a floating voter to me.

Roger Harris

I am disabled, please don't tell me I am better off. Because my car is a nescesity to get around. I had some reprieve with the reduction in fuel prices, but what benefit I would have had from the reduction in VAT which incidentaly is only £2.50 in every £100, the Chancelor is taking more from me with the increase in fuel tax and this will be permenant, not short term as is VAT.
Once again the poor in society are the ones having to pay imediately, while the rich will wait 3 years, Ha Ha. Please don't tell me they will then be penalised, because they will find all the loopholes as they do now to get out of it.
The financial sector get all the handouts we the cannon foder pay for it.
Socialists my a...!!! you'r all a joke.

Paul Flynn

Tony, as someone once said, 'there is no alteranative' that is not likely to produce outcomes that would be worse. We remain to see what the results will be.

One thing that is not heard from Cameron these days is his demand for a General Election

Paul Flynn

Darren, I think this decision was influenced by the effect of putting more money in peoples' pockets has not been effective elsewhere. In these times people are not keen to spend and many put the money aside for a rainy day.

Labour lose the next election? That gets likely each day.


just another thought - companies can claim back the VAT they pay on Petrol/Diesel - but now that they have cut VAT to 15% but increased Fuel Duty (which they can't claim back)to offset the VAT cut on Fuel, doesn't this now mean that it is now more expensive to get the goods to the shops?

which, of course, we as the consumer are going to have to pay for the increase in costs.


you really think people are going to start spending again just because a £599 TV will now be £13 cheaper? I don't think so.

there are a lot of people that are scared for their jobs, myself included, that are trying to cut costs/spending so that they can save any spare cash they can for the unfortunate event that they lose their job.

I don't buy many VATable items, other than alcohol, Gas and Electricity and Petrol.
all my food shopping is zero rated, so I won't get any benefit from this cut, but in 12/13 months when the rate goes back up I bet the chancellor won't remove the extra tax he has put on Alcohol and Petrol to reflect the increase in VAT.

also nice touch about the tax increases - when Labour Lose the next election, whoever is in government at the time of the increase, will get the blame rather than the people who ARE to blame.


Just read the BBC - spending increases have reduced to 1.2% which is handy and dare I say it prudent


.. before we get too carried away here lets have a quick look at what is being done here in order to deliver the kick start the economy needs
Total debt projections will rise to over 55% of the the size of our economy
The annual budget deficit will be 8% of annual GDP
Yes , the super rich will get a 5% tax rise on earnings above 150k BUT EVERYONE of us will pay more txes when National Insurance increases in 2011 and the countries budget will not balance again until 2015 ..
If this does not work and tax revenues di not pick up and borrowing has to increase further Brown and Darling will have damaged this country for a generation. If it works then hey maybe Labour will get a fourth term - but this the livlihood of me and my kids you are playing with - get this wrong and Labour will be finished for at least a generation. I wonder why we cannot slow down the growth of spending - let face it - thats what I have to do personally


OK, we finally have a chancellor who sounded labour. OK, 45% is too low and a 150K too high, but give the man his due.

Now once we've had an apology for the last decade (and Blair is tried for war crimes) this is a party who I could think about voting for.

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