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November 25, 2008


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Why not tell the blog readers the details of your case. Surely you don't want others to be affected in the same way? You can continue down the Rupert the Bear route for the rest of your days but if hardly anybody knows the reasons why you've been "ripped off" then your case will be about as confusing as Stephen Hawkings universe.

Jolly Roger

There's been no critique of Cardiff West.
Whilst there's not much to choose from, he's one of the best.
But after a long eight years of our fight,
At the end of the tunnel, there's simply no light.
The info. that I've found is simply too hot,
And exposes the Government's benefits raid plot.
Ask him yourself if you think that I'm wrong,
There are plenty more verses to this sorry song.

I'm not asking you to become involved.
There's a long way to go before this is resolved.
I simply inform you to make you aware,
That despite your reassurance, there's much that's not fair.
When cripples are sent for jobs that aren't real,
As part of this phoney NuLabour deal.
My case is far from rare or unique,
I could probably quote new ones every week.

At the risk of being, thought as impinging,
I'm sure that you're sick of my justified whinging.
Just ask your mate what's happened to my pension,
This minor point just can't escape attention.
I've been ripped-off, no two ways about it,
Yet there's no redress for me, don't doubt it.
You talk of a cash gulf between the Benches.
It's far from as great as the disabled untermensches.

Paul Flynn

All MPs, I believe Jolly Roger, understand the wisdom of not becoming involved in cases from other constituencies. A constituent of mine recently wrote to all Labour MPs. He had the same answer from all of them. We all know the reputation of MPs and yours is among the very best.

you have been a little carried away with comparison of the wealth of the members of the two front benches. There is a great gulf between the two.

Jolly Roger

Disgruntled? Nay, you understate,
My honourable parliamentary mate.
But at least you're now aware of the rip-off,
And the maladministrative info that I've been able to tip-off.
But despite the injustice of my case,
I'm denied a hearing, face to face.
My case, be it even rare or unique,
Would cause anyone to have fit of pique.

But notwithstanding and nevertheless,
How about a statement with which to impress,
About the Front Bench Glory boys,
Who are probably as wealthy as the Tory boys.
With their gross expenses and private schools.
Please don't take your readers for fools.
Let's keep the subject on the front burner,
This politics game is a nice little earner.

Your Bullingdon pic. is a little passe',
When your colleagues get richer day by day.
Your constant reference to silver spoons,
Inherited by the Tory goons,
Falls a little flat on its face,
When Labour MPs enrich at a pace.
Should we, the untermenschen bums,
Be grateful for the occasional crumbs?


thanks Paul

It certainly seems that we just can't behave ourselves when abroad. Our binge intake of whatever intoxicant is avaialable is something we should be ashamed of.
I see that the only reason Magic Mushrooms have been recently banned in Holand is because of tourists.
Cannabis is a huge source of money for the Dutch and the so called "back door" policy of the coffeeshops has inevitably seen criminals entering the trade.
I have every reason to suppose that Dutch Government monitored growing of cannabis will seriously disrupt this. If this is a success it will be a great model for other countries Trust the tolerant Dutch to be years ahead of us in enlightenend drug policy.
Yet with potential UK cannabis tax receipts etc being estimated at between £5 and £6 billion at some point with the world in financial meltdown we may capitulate and regulate and control cannabis for adults.
The precident for this is the repeal of Alcohol Prohibtion in the USA. The tax receipts were too attractive for a country in a deep recession to ignore.

Paul Flynn

"Gordon's Dissembler?' That's new Jolly Roger, but way off the mark.

I spoke to your MP as yiu suggested. He immediately recognised who I was talking about. This suggests that your complaint is a rare one - if not unique. You are clearly disgruntled. But your MP is great and I am sure he is doing all that is possible to help.

Paul Flynn

Thank you John. I discused your quote from the Mayor of Amsterdam with the representative of the Dutch Government who is here in Warsaw at this conference of the Pompidou Group. There are two things going on in the Netherlands. The first encouraging and pragmatic. They will be growing their own cannabis to keep criminals out of the trade. There might be restrictions on cannabis cafes on the borders because of foreigners coming across the borders and behaving badly.

Drug lawmaking in the UK is still evidence free. At least the Lords ahd a debate. We had one in a committee with restricted membership but no Commons debate on this idiocy.


Just an interesting juxtaposition that struck me this morning while the UK Government furthur criminalizes cannabis users wiht more draconian measures I see that Dutch cities are to grow their own cannabis
Cities across Holland are planning to grow their own cannabis crops in order to control the supply of the drug to the country's famous 'coffee shops'.
Amsterdam's Lord Mayor, Job Cohen,
"Look what happened during prohibition years in America and how criminals took over and look at Belgium, France and Britain where soft drugs are not legal but are available and are a part of the criminal world," he said. "We can't avoid them, so it is better to legalise them to keep them under control."

Such enlightened tolerant policies are in stark contrast to ours.We seem to be going back to the dark ages


There was an interesting debate in the Lords yesterday about the reclassification of Cannabis.

following Baroness Meacher et al's letter to the Guardian which I quote below and which I don't feel anything really needs adding. The reclassification was pushed through the Lords the final nail in the coffin of any Governments claims to basing policy on science based evidence.

"Today the House of Lords debates the proposal from the Home Office to reclassify cannabis from class C to class B. In recommending this change to parliament, the government has rejected the explicit advice of its appointed experts, the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, for the first time in nearly 30 years. In its last report, produced at the request of the home secretary, the ACMD clearly recommended - for the third time in the last six years - that cannabis remains a class C drug, and did so after examining all the available and latest evidence on short- and long-term health risks, as well as social harms, public attitudes and policing priorities.

After setting out its conclusions on the health risks of cannabis and concerns regarding greater potency, the report made clear recommendations for improved drugs education and greater efforts to tackle drug dealing. However, it concluded that the evidence was against greater criminalisation of possession. The impact of parliament agreeing to the government's policy could be very damaging. Cannabis use has fallen in recent years, especially following its downgrading to class C in 2004, and it is obviously unwise to risk reversing that trend. The classification system must be credible - reclassification would send out an ambiguous message about the dangers of current class B drugs.

Even more importantly, the move would be a sad departure from the welcome trend - established after the Phillips report into the BSE disaster - of public policy following expert scientific advice unless there is new evidence. Baroness Meacher has tabled an amendment calling for a postponement of any reclassification pending a further ACMD review in two years. We urge peers to maintain the trend to evidence-based policy-making by supporting the amendment.

Dr Evan Harris MP Lib Dem science spokesman, David King Former government chief scientific adviser, Professor Michael Rawlins Chair, ACMD 1998-2008, (Lord) Robert May Former government chief scientific adviser, Phil Willis MP Chair, Science select committee, Professor Gabriel Horne Chair, Academy of Medical Science working group on addiction, Professor Colin Blakemore Member, UK Drug Policy Commission; former director, Medical Research Council, Tracey Brown Director, Sense about Science, Dr Leslie King Member, ACMD, Ruth Runciman Former member, ACMD"


That was indeed very Jolly, Roger! Load of all tripe when it comes to content, though... It's the Torys that are crying out in mortification at the recent tax changes, not the Labour front benches. There's an interesting article on the BBC showing just how the new tax re-jig will affect people. Even those who earn a pretty decent £100,000 a year will be better off in 2009 from the tax changes and will only pay £40 a year more in 2010. Everyone earning below this will have more money in the bank. How evil can Labour be to do such a thing to those poor, wealthy people that would blow £40 on a round of drinks?

Jolly Roger


We read it and weep for the Honourable Member,
Who is condemned to history as Gordon's dissembler.
You didn't sat owt about this, did you Paul?
It's the sting in the tail that affects us all.
Coupled with the increase in National Insurance.
There's little left of your casuistic performance.
So please tell me now just how lucky I am,
Or ditch this post as unwanted spam.

Still, here's a good 'un from this irascible chancer,
That could do with a reasonably reassuring answer.

You post a picture of the Bullingdon boys,
With their prams simply awash with toys,
Shall we have a look at your own Front Bench,
With their fortunes stinking with the sleazey stench?
How many Labour Millionaires are there now,
Who've made their pile off the Public's Cash Cow?
You can't be doing too bad yourself,
With your 'frugal' life of accumulating wealf.

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