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November 23, 2008


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Paul Flynn

"Stop using...' That's a weird comparison. How is the Welsh language in Europe connected with Hoover job losses?

I looking forward to hearing how one affects the other?

Paul Flynn

No views on Clegg, Peter Black?

Stop using American spelling...

This does smack slightly of 'tilting at windmills' in a Don Quixote style...

I'm all for using Welsh, but isn't EU bureaucracy hideous enough as it is, without going down the route of giving all minority languages 'rights' ??

Certainly, if I were a Hoover worker today, I'm not sure I would hugely happier knowing that despite the economy going down the toilet, at least they are doing something about recognition of Welsh in that far-off, undemocratic and federalist institution of the EU..

Peter Black

But then none of the polls leading up to the General Election suggested that we would get 22% either. I think that all these polls should be taken with a large pinch of salt for all parties, which means of course you cannot extrapolate off one or more without acknowledging the others. The poll that really matters is the one in which people vote.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Peter Black. I have not seen the poll you mention. I did mention the lots of pinches of salt to be taken with each individual polls. The averages of all recent poll are still pretty dire for your party. None suggest the 22% you had in 2005

Graham Marlowe

Nick Clwegg was never going to amount to anything other than a so-so backbencher - he has b een promoted far beyond his competence - but then you could say the same thing about people like James Purnell, who in the face of rising unemployment amongst the able-bodied still wishes to carry on his vendetta against young mothers, the sick and disabled. His appearance on Today on Friday was petulant and bad temepered and he sounded (in speech mode) like John Redwood. Blears, Hutton and most of the Tory front bench sound no better than Clegg. But then in politics these days most ministers and shadow ministers got where they were through crawling and subservience, not genuine talent.

Peter Black

Actually Paul the latest poll shows the parties as CONSERVATIVES 42% (-1), LABOUR 31% (+1)and the LIB DEMS 19% (+1).

Paul Flynn

Thanks Brian Barker. I am sympathetic to the idea of an international language. My work on the Council of Europe involves listening to a great deal of translation.

I am not convinced that Esperanto can be judged to be a protector of minority languages.
The acceptance of English as the main international grows at an amazing rate every decade. English and Spanish will be the dominant world languages of the future.

Brian Barker

The Welsh language is not alone in fighting for its linguistic rights. Certainly the promulgation of English as the world's "lingua franca" is unethical and linguistically undemocratic. I add that I am a native English speaker!

Unethical because communication should be for all and not only for an educational or political elite. English is used, at an international level, in this way, now.

Undemocratic because minority languages are under attack worldwide due to the encroachment of majority ethnic languages. Even Mandarin Chinese is attempting to dominate as well, although not yet in Europe! The long-term solution must be found and a non-national language, which would place all ethnic languages on an equal footing is long overdue.

An interesting video can be seen at http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_YHALnLV9XU

The argument for Esperanto can be seen at http://www.lernu.net

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