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October 31, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

Talking of twits, Paul, I give you your pal Purnell:

"The Government's embarrassment was compounded by the disclosure that Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell - whose department is responsible for Gateway - had to apologise after leaving confidential documents on a train.

Mr Purnell mislaid the letters, relating to the case of a constituent of Labour MP Sir Gerald Kaufman, while he was working on his ministerial "red box" during a journey from Macclesfield to London's Euston Station on October 4."

He should resign - he's obviously not up to it and totally out of touch with reality.

Paul Flynn

Lembit does have ability - but it is too late to replace his perceived reputation.

Graham Marlowe

I meant to add, Paul at least Opik is an ELECTED twit - which is more than can be said for Lord Mandy!

Graham Marlowe

"He has invited ridicule with his love life and his relentless pursuit of the title of top media tart. "

Paul you could say much the same about David Blunkett a couple of years ago - except that DB certainly doesn't have "charm".

I think Opik is a twit, but he is just one among many twits in the current list of MPs - from all parties.

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