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October 16, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

After your early Xmas Paul it must be 12th night.

I see your pal Lord Mandy has shelved the idea of further flexible working due to come ino force next April

Yet another volte-face from New Labour, yet another thumbs up to business and a thumbs down to workers.

Naturally, as a confirmed batchelor Mandleson cannot be expected to know much about the needs of juggling working and family life

Graham Marlowe

Paul What I do find interesting - perhaps you'll enlighten me? - is why while you are unwrapping your early Xmas presents, you haven't had a word to say about the shrivelled up old almonds you found at the bottom of the Xmas stocking - Phil Woolas playing the race card, backed up by Frank Field on a BBC News 24 interview?. We are in the sewer now.

Things are getting pretty desperate at New Labour, by the looks of things. We'el overlook for now "no more boom and bust" because I understand the Great man has now said he meant an end to TORY boom and bust - which makes it OK then, and we will also overlook the other meaningless statement "an end to spin" - we will forget Campbell is coming back.

If I had to rely on Lord Slime, Campbell and Frank Field I'd rather resign. then some of us have pride. Mr Brown plainly does nogt

Graham Marlowe

"rightens the hell out of the Tories who are already cowed with he return of Mandelson and Alistair Campbell."

Oh Paul, with all due respect, where do you get this guff from? Campbell? ex sex magazine scribbler, who bears some responsibility for hounding Dr David Kelly to his death, and his otiose "mate" John Scarlett who helped back up the whole tissue of lies and the whitewash of Hutton?

Mandy, the little worm with his dodgy mortgage applications and delusions of granduer. Frightened of them? Speaking for myself I am disgusted by them - slimy and self regarding has-beens.

As for the "target" for 2050 we will all be dead, so we won't know whether or not it wuill come to fruition: what we DO know is that Hoon has given the go ahead for extra flights out of Stanstead and London City, will probably give the go ahead for a thjird Heathrow ruinway, so we can all make our own mionds up on how Green New Labour are.

Paul Flynn

ONLY a target Will S? But that is what dozens of my constituents have campaigning for recently.

There has been substantial progress in the poverty target in the right direction, which is a great deal better than moving in the wrong direction under the Tories.

Targets can be measures of failure rather than success. But this is great step forward when the media is increasingly being seduced by the global-warming deniers.

Stop being a curmudgeon, Will S.

Paul Flynn

All these comments are backward looking while we are the brink of major change.

Cameron and most politicians did their bit in praising the the unregulated market. The blame game is tedious. What is new that the British PM was leading the world out of the crisis. So what it lasted only a week? If frightens the hell out of the Tories who are already cowed with he return of Mandelson and Alistair Campbell.

The battle now is who will shape the new Bretton Woods? Bush is desperately trying to shape it on the right-wing model that failed.

Graham Marlowe

One thing you can say for Brown is that he is determined - and desperate - to hang on to his job, no matter how low into the gutter he has to fall. He is making sure his puppets are saying all the "right" (Right?) things to recapture the love of The Sun "newspaper".

Yesterday we had Phil Woolas, who is terminally loyal (he used to be one of Blair's greatest sycophants), playing the race card - just the thing to appeal to Murdoch's "readers".

I am surprised Paul Flynn is so easily taken in: if Brown was such a colossus, he wouldn't have sold our gold reserves at bargain basement prices, and the damage he did to pensions can never be under-estimated.

The financial crisis won't last for ever, and when it is over (and by the way he must be the only PM to ever be so happy for such a crisis) he will once again be seen for the pygmy he really is.


Tony - good shooting! I suggested digging out some of his Mansion House speeches in an earlier post, I feel they capture the true thatcherite tory-lite flavour of nu-labour.


Gordon Bown is the world economic colossus? Hmm .. I think not ..

This is a speech given in June 2007, his last as Chancellor:

Over the ten years that I have had the privilege of addressing you as Chancellor, I have been able year by year to record how the City of London has risen by your efforts, ingenuity and creativity to become a new world leader...

So I congratulate you Lord Mayor and the City of London on these remarkable achievements, an era that history will record as the beginning of a new golden age for the City of London... And I believe it will be said of this age, the first decades of the 21st century, that out of the greatest restructuring of the global economy, perhaps even greater than the industrial revolution, a new world order was created...

So let me say as I begin my new job, I want to continue to work with you in helping you do yours, listening to what you say, always recognising your international success is critical to that of Britain's overall and considering together the things that we must do - and, just as important, things we should not do - to maintain our competitiveness: enhancing a risk based regulatory approach, as we did in resisting pressure for a British Sarbannes-Oxley after Enron and Worldcom.

So in his opinion the bankers were

a) doing it right
b) enhancing our competitiveness
c) quite right to resist any further regulation

..or is that a different Gordon Brown?

I'm prepared to say that he is having a good war .. but please don't try and kid anyone that he an economic colossus. He isn't and when the inquest starts he will have some serious questions to answer..


I suppose the man who put us in the position of the most indebted country in the EU and so the least able to ride the storm should indeed be morally obliged to get us out of this mess.

Graham Marlowe

"Gordon Brown is the world economic colossus"

Yes, Paul. if you say so. And I heard the other day that Elvis Prestley has been seen stacking shelves at Lidl in Watford.

Will S

Yawn, an ambitious emissions TARGET means absolutely nothing. It's a bit like aspiring to eradicate child poverty and it's not going to happen.

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