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October 25, 2008


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Graham Marlowe

Well Tony, Osborne and Mandy look extremely tacky and of course, mandelson has got form: the perception is they were up to no good.

I happened to mention elsewhere yesterday that new bright and bushy tailed minister Jonathan Shaw voted "very strongly against" a transparent Parliament. Not just strongly - VERY strongly. When people behave like that, I womder what it is they have to hide - after all, Brown and Smith expect us to be transparent - they even want to read our emails and listen to our phone calls.


Its interesting that the only way we can get the private sector involved in nuclear power is to get any government to remove the risk factor. Its also instructive that government views the risk of an accident as very low but the private sector seems to think it might be higher than that - and so don't want to risk it - wonder why ? What is they know that government dont?
Also loved the negotiating tactic of last minute withdrawal to to get the extra concessions - page 42 of the negotiators handbook ..

And as for Mandleson and Osbourne - haven't we got rather more important things to sort out? Or did GB's magic wand deal with that ? Thought not ..

Graham Marlowe

"What has Mandelson done?"

Before I answer that, paul, I'd just like to say that I think Osborne is an oily, pompous, bumptious little man, who, like many cabinet and shadow cabinet ministers have had far too soft a life, and what he did was inexcusable. If he had any self-respect he would resign, or if the had courage Cameron would sack him.

That said Mandleson has done what Mandelson has always donwe, or at least has done for the past decade, and that is accept hospitality and kow-towed to people, however dubious, just because they are rich and powerful. He and Osborne should both have realised that you do not become a billionaire from the ashes of the Soviet union by being a boy scout. It goes all the way back to when he borrowed money to "buy a little house" as he put it, then made false declarations on a mortgage application - which if any ordinary person had done the same thing, might well have landed them in court.

Mandleson never learns: he is unbelievably smug, pompous and self-regarding (very much like Osborne in fact), is over-fond of the good life, and damn the consequences. Bringing this embarrasment back - and unelected at that - is just about the lowest thing Brown ever did. Perhaps it was a moment of madness - or terror, on Brown's part - a tawdry way to cling on to power like dirty glue.

Paul Flynn

Thanks. I've put this on Tom Harris' site:

The Bradley Effect did not work in the primaries for Obama where results were almost all the same as opinion polls. In the Deval Patrick election for Governor two years ago, the black lawyer was expected to get 57% according to the polls against his white Republican opponent. The result? He polled 57%. The Bradley effect is a myth. Cheer up, Tom.

Paul Flynn

What has Mandelson done?

He is getting most of the publicity for what?

Osborne is getting away with soliciting money from an illegal sources and not declaring vat hospitality. Plus the Tories have two new scandals brewing that are having very little attention.

Always the same.

Graham Marlowe

And "Mandygate" cpninues in the press this weekend. Even the Observer describes him as *a liability" (AGAIN!) to Labour.

New labour: "Purer than pure"
"An end to boom and bust"
"An end to sleaze"

It just hasn't happened, sadly, and inviting back this disgraced man does nothing to improve the image of New Labour. Can he hand on till 2010?. Onc again mandy is muddled - there was yet another "misunderstanding" about dates etc. Ah but there was an excuse. It happened just before the "kidney stone" episode: As somebody who has suffered in the same way, I have to say that the Baron's problems seemed to be cured very quickly - he was hopping about again the morning after the afternoon of the procedure: It usually takes at least two days!. Perhaps Westminster is the new Lourdes!. We should turn it in to a grotto - a grotty groto :)

Will S

The Western Mail...and your ex-Transport Minister ;)


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