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October 22, 2008


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Paul Flynn

Graham, I am hopeful that the realisation of the futility of the Helmand mission and the results of future inquests will sicken public opinion and force the Government to seek a peace strategy. That is the only way to avoid decades of bloodshed.

Paul Flynn

it is not shortage of money for the Afghanistan campaign, Jolly Roger. I will publish soon the graph showing the extraordinary increase in spending from a substantial amount in 2001, modest amounts thereafter until 2006 and 2007 when the costs rose dramatically to a £1billion.

Re-read the reports of this disaster. Money was not the problem.

there will be similar tragedies to be reported in future. The explanation is the usual one SNAFU.

Graham Marlowe

In the case of the inquest yesterday, it seems clear that the RAF had the money to enhance the planes, buit chose not to, so the government can't really be blamed. BUT - and I agree with Paul- they ARE guilty for their constant warmongering both in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Sadly I don't think Brown will change direction, because we all know how much New Labour types who have led soft livesd like tro look "tough", whether it is persecuting the disabled by trying to force them into work (despite increasing unemployment amongst the able-bodied) a la Purnell (and did you see him on the TV news last night striding along with the increasingly pompous Mandleson on their way to a meeting?) or acting as the USA's bag carrier in all these military adventures.

I honestly wish all these soft MPs who support these wars were made to serve on the front line, if only for a month or two. perhaps they would be less gung-ho then.

Jolly Roger

I seems to me that you've forgotten.
The cause of this crash, so misbegotten.
The Chancellor, your mate Gordon Brown,
Was responsible for these heroes going down.
He failed to provide the necessary cash,
Which could have prevented this dreadful crash.
He, along with your other mate Hoon,
Will get their just deserts and not too soon.

Why do you keep praising Gordon Brown,
As if he's innocent of the crimes as shown?
Your Labour government are all to blame,
To their eternal and unending shame,
Of causing the preventable death of our guys,
When the solution was there before your eyes,
Retardent foam was denied to these,
So that Hoon, his skinflint Chancellor could please.

These men died for want of cash.
From Hoon and Gordon's niggardly stash.
He wouldn't even buy them boots.
The B*****D couldn't give two hoots.
He sent them off to fight and die,
So he could keep his chewed up fingers in the pie.
It's just as well that you remember,
Along with any other Honourable Member.
Exactly what these heroes did.
So that you can all fill your faces for 400 quid.

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