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October 29, 2008


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Paul Flynn

I share your concern Graham about Alan's decision and those of many other Labour MPs who have acted independently. They are wrong, I believe. Tony Benn has been active since he stood down, but his voice is missed here in parliament.
It's the main reason why I put any thoughts of retirement aside and look forward with relish to contesting the next election.

Graham Marlowe

"'Alan Simpson is an MP who stuck to his principles. He gives politicians a good name."

He certainly does and it a tragedy that he is stepping down while little yes men and women slither on. hoping against hope that one day their crawling will deliver them high - or not so high office - like for example Jonathan Shaw ("VERY strongly against a transparent Parliament") or, prior to enoblement, the oleaginous Clive Soley. Not to mention Mandy.

People like Bob Marshall-Andrews, John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn are the last of the few IMO - I think Bob is also stepping down is he not? No doubt like Alan to be replaced by a prototype Ed Balls or Purnell. This weakens what is left of the so-called Labour party.

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