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September 20, 2008


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Johnny Boy

I'd much prefer a Tory toff wanting to sell something off like a public asset than a Labour loser charging you once to buy it, then twice again for using what you've already paid for (eg. Congestion Zone or Toll roads).

I'd also much prefer lower tax. Say cut back Govt spending from 50% of the UK's GDP to say 15% where it should be.

I'd also prefer less than the 1,600 new Labour trivia laws per year to micro-manage peoples every waking moment (say a cut back to 3 new laws a year - on criminalising politicians that lie to raise taxes or form laws).

Labour is "LISTENING" say every Labour cronie whoever nears a mike. So when the country gives a crystal clear message to Labour at by-elections they're not wanted any longer which Labour MP didn't get the message it's time for an election rather than cling onto power in (continuing) contempt of public opinion?


Bricks and Mortar, Iron and Steel, things of the past, I think people are far more important than things made by mankind, but if an edifice underpins the local culture you have a case to present and the council have a case to defend publicly, its called local democracy.

In Caerphilly, from where I write, the current Plaid Cymru administration, as soon as it took over, voted to undo the previous administrations approval for a school. Plaid wanted the money for a Welsh Medium school even though there was no demand in that particular area for a Welsh school. Local democracy took over and forced the administration into a reversal of its idealogical decision. A school is to be built as planned.

If you think as we thought, don't talk, get out into Newport and raise your voices, write letters by the thousand, email every councillor by the thousand, and do not back down.

Paul Flynn

It's fascinating that the Argus has not put a news story about this awful decision on their website, even though it's the lead story on their front page.

Earlier there were hostile comments on previous stories on the Mansion House. They are given the Tories an easy with a headline that backed the argument for closure.

LibDems like Hando know better than this. They understand Newport. Surely they will not go along with handing over our inheritance to spivs and speculators.

Huw O'Sullivan

The Tories always make me think of Oscar Wilde's quote about cynics,
knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.
It applied to the Tories in the 80's, it applies to them now and no doubt will apply to them for the decades to come.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Dorothy.

I am sure there are many charities in Newport who understand the full value of the Mansion House. I have attended several events there in the past year. All of them were either charity fund raising events or celebrations to mark important anniversaries like Harry Poloway's 90th birthday.

People love using it.


Just a short note to say how impressed I was with your outright comments about the ubiquitous Patrick Holford.
I am a Registered Dietitian and unfortunately have been exposed to Patrick Holford and his acolytes for most of that time - initially in his alternative approach to diets for cancer patients, and his subsequent work with autistic children. The most recent case involving my colleagues averting harm to a renal patient with depression recommended a herb known to cause cancer (uva ursi - recommended by the ION therapist as treatment for 'cystitis' - 'because this is like renal failure, isn't it? Actually, cystitis and end stage renal disease are two very different entities).

What is SO galling is that there is absolutely no way of halting Mr Holford and his ilk whilst nutrition is considered some benign approach to complement medical practice. Every time a nut nutritionist gives dodgy advice to a patient our profession - of regulated and qualified dietitians - is tarred with the same brush.

Nutritional advice is not necessarily benign, and incorrect advice - such as that given to the children of the Cricket Green school persuaded to undergo the (disproven) IgG 'intolerance' tests - can, and has, lead to grossly a inadequate diet resulting in 'failure to thrive' (both height-wise, and with weight loss) in this vulnerable group. In fact, Mr Holford appeared unaware at the time, when challenged, of the absolute need to keep detailed child growth charts to ensure optimum growth when dietary manipulation in children is adopted.
Patrick's modus operandi is to recruit key opinion formers in the target subject area who are well educated - but crucially know very little about nutrition - to support his 'vision'. A review of his supporters for his various charities will confirm this approach. Once the opinion formers are bedazzled, fellow teachers/ psychiatrists/ whoever will support him by proxy - if its good enough for their opinion formers, its good enough for them.....

There is no point complaining to BAANT about harmed patients as it is a membership not a regulatory organisation - half the current Ethics committee are ION trained (and the other half unqualified in the subject of nutrition) so redress for the patient is impossible.
The 'Nutrition Therapy Council' purports to be the equivalent of the Dietitians Board of the Health Professions Council - but it is not a formal body and has deferred their regulatory practices to the Prince of Wales' FIH 'OfQuack' organisation (CNHC - Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) - an organisation that will merely add a 'regulated' title to the end of the Nutritional Therapists alphabet of initials, thus legitimising their quackery further.

It is so refreshing to hear some sense about nutrition.
I hope you continue to take this approach.


Thanks a million for your protest at the planned vandalism of the Mansion House.

The charity I support had a great fund raising day there last summer. If we could afford the Mansion House in the past for public use, why can't we afford now? It's mean minded and petty. Can't we stop it?

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