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September 23, 2008


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Johnny Boy

Far be it that Cameron is a posturing ponce and Brown a misunderstood genius as Paul Flynn dreams openly on a public forum.

Think Cameron as a guy without 13 un-lucky years of emtpy, broken promises behind him and Brown with a lot of baggage.

"Things can only get better" was the music Labour used as a theme but its taken 13 years for them to make Britain so bad, that those that haven't left these shores already ,are in the unenviable position of having a country that couldn't possibly get worse.

Question is why is Brown who claims to be "listening" not getting the message at every Council and by-election to GO NOW ?!!

Paul Flynn

Thanks Chris. Congratulations on all your work for animal welfare.

You are doing a great job!


Apologies Paul, Your statement "Hedge funds provide the lubricant that has accelerated the collapse of stock exchange values" got my back up. Unfortunately, nu-labour's appetite for democratic reform seems far less than you'd think from reading the 97 manifesto!

Chris Gale

Hi Paul

Yes slimy Simon Hart and his cruel cronies are being funded by the very people who gave the world economic chaos.
Agree also about the Hunting Act, the sadist hunters fear it staying on the statute books because they know that it will finish them off. They are desperate for hunter Cameron to take power.
Its up to all decent minded people to stop that happening.

Paul Flynn

Sadly, Patrick, it's true that some of the hunters are defying the law. Many have changed over to draghunting. This has resulted in increased numbers joining the draghunts. They will not return to the animal abuse of traditional foxhunting.

The law as it stands is still opposed by the recidivist hunters who are spending a fortune trying to get it repealed. If it was not effective to some extent, why are they bothering?

Why should this hedge fund cough up £40,000 to try to get the CA boss Simon Hart into parliament if the law was not a problem to them?

The question is whether the principle of all candidates having fair play with a limit on election spending to avoid the USA situation where votes can be bought.


"But they do have an interest in bringing the cruelty back into foxhunting."

Foxhunting has continued in many areas of Britain since the law change. The only change is a slightly lower profile. The police choose to do nothing and the lawyers , judges, Lords, and Ladies are far too busy participating to 'remember' it's illegal.

Paul Flynn

You have gone off at a tangent.valleylad. The fact that they are from a hedge fund is a side issue. The ability to use wealth to distort elections is relatively new in modern times. Its a retrograde step.


Hedge funds are not the problem. Allowing a near unregulated finance market to generate the credit to fund an unsustainable house price bubble is. Remind me again who has been chancellor for most of the last decade?

Once house prices have returned to their historic norms (2.5 x joint), things can start to improve, however due to govt incompetence (i.e. following tory policies) that is going to be very painful as it will require about a 50% drop.

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