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September 27, 2008


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Paul Flynn

Thanks Graham. The 'bounces' may even themselves out as they did last year. The significance of the 7 and 8% Labor bounce is that it is large and reverse the process of continual decline in Labor fortunes that has been going on for a year.

I have already suggested that nuclear groupie John Hutton should be reshuffled as the minister for lost memory sticks.

The Tories are unnerved by the financial crisis as the apostles of anti-regulation

Graham Marlowe

Usually, Paul, there is always a bounce in the opinion polls after any party has held it's conference. I don't know about this year, but usually, even the LibDEms rise a point or two after their conference.

I think the problem is that the in-fighting appears to be going on: on Friday the London Evening Standard published an interview with Ruth Kelly which allowed her to express her unhappiness at the way her resignation was announced, and to give another plug for Miliband.

I have a horrible feeling of deja vu: things remind me of the Ducan-Smith dwemise - applause and warm words for gten minutes after the conference speech and tghen oblivion for him a coupl,e of weeks later.

I think Gordon's best hope would be to use the reshuffle this week to sack some of the duisloyal cabinet members - who appear to be Blears, Purnell, Hutton and Miliband himself. He needs to establish his authority by ghettuing rid of the Blairites, or demoting them, and bringing his own people in - like Nick Brown for example. Of course, it won't be easy or pretty, but better to act now than to let theBlairites feel they have "got away with it"

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