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September 13, 2008


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Without alluding to Dr. Matthias Rath's work, virologists have published that oxidative stress causes latent "HIV" to replicate and that this "HIV" also causes oxidative stress which depletes such elements as zinc and selenium needed for glutathione production. Perhaps the problem has been assuming the public is too stupid for hard science, which is really condescending and pompous. Arrogance is rampant in academic science, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that arrogance sometimes unfortunately infests natural medicine efforts too, handicapping any original good intentions. Anyone can be made to understand if a scientist is smart enough to explain the phenomenon clearly. Not all scientists are smart people, and many smart people are not scientists. Threshold dosage and the proper natural products combination is important, but will one or two OTC multivitamin pills cure advanced AIDS? Of course not. Can you become immunosuppressed from improper nutrition? Most certainly yes. Are ARV's cures for AIDS? Absolutely not. Not even the ARV manufacturers admit that their drugs are cures for HIV or AIDS, even if they lower "viral load," and they do admit that every single one of their drugs have significantly damaging side effects. To be fair, the cartoon itself is a parody of itself as one cannot both "Die of AIDS" and "Die Healthy" at the same time. Indeed what Dr. Rath suggests is that one can harbor HIV and prevent AIDS from developing through nutrition which has a scientific basis in the global literature.


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i like this part of the post:"I hope the costs are enormous. Rath is not the first to try to use his wealth to silence the truth." is very good


Ben Goldacre's book Bad Science has a chapter on Patrick Holford. As you say KV. he is out of the same stable as Matthias Rath, another disciple of Linus Pauling.

It is astonishing that he is given so much air-time to spout dangerous nonsense.


Thanks Valley lad. I agree. The UK is caught between a Big Pharma backed MHRA and a battery of quacks using bad science.

GSK were hammered for not publishing negative and neutral results.on Seroxat.


Britain has its own Matthias Rath. His name is Patrick Holford (aka, Pilltrick Holfraud). Apart from being associated with Rath and having been to South Africa to spread the word about his pills and how much better vitanin C is for AIDS than AZT, he is very popular with the celebrity obsessed dimwits running British TV.


One area that Dr Goldacre promotes that politicians could do something useful about would be a public register of clinical trials. Couple this with a no claims without evidence to alternative medicine and you could slay bad big pharm (hiding negatives) and quacks with one bill at virtually no cost to anyone.

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