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September 25, 2008


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Johnny Boy

Interestingly Arthur Scargill maintained at a recent meeting that nuclear is 400% more expensive than coal.

Given Britain has coal reserves that could last it over 1,000 years even if Arthur is half right he's still very right... that coal is the way to go.

And it's a debate that has almost come full circle when you consider Thatcher in the picture above was the first to use fraudulent claims about the climate as propoganda to enforce public policy. Thatcher used the climate threat to leveridge the Coal Unions out of the political landscape. Labour uses the propaganda to leveridge money out of taxpayers pockets (it's called fraud).

What a funny (small, sick and sad) world politics is?

Graham Marlowe

I read somewhere that when he was at University John Hutton was a Conservative. I would suggest that he stuill is.

One of the reasons I have always had strong doubts about Gordon brown was that he promised "a government of all the talents"

I was expecting at least a few left wing members, but what did we get? Digby Jones, one of the most obnoxious of CBI men - and that is saying something. Brown shlould have been honest and said "a government of right-wing ...." = I think their "talent" is very questionable

I genuinely believe thaty it is due to people like John Hutton and James Purnell that Labour is losing the support of the core Labour vote: they are perceived as Tories

Paul Flynn

Trying to be generous Valleylad. I'm sure he does believe at a very deep level that billionaire farmers are downtrodden and neglected.


Why exactly do you think Charles is well intentioned? Bit generous I feel for a typical "Tim nice but dim public schoolboy"

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