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September 22, 2008


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Huw O'Sullivan

Johnny Boy the fact that you disagree with something does not make it massively unpopular.
Even if you find that you and all your friends dislike the ban on smoking in public places, it is still not hugely unpopular.
Fact is, the ban on smoking in public places, is both successful and proving very popular, most popular of course with non smokers, but most smokers are happy enough, not ecstatic, to be sure, but not irritated enough to join you in your campaign of whining like a spoilt child.
That you also oppose wearing seat belts and using non handsfree mobile phones while driving does help everyone else to put your views into perspective.
That you throw in the brain damaging boxing also helps to explain where you are coming from.
But don't let me dissuade you, stamp your feet and wail "It's not fair" and "You don't understand me" and "You're stupid",
if you do find that doesn't work, always remember you can threaten to run away from home.

Johnny Boy

By Paul's measure we should ban the sun (not the newspaper) which causes skin cancer. No human activity has no risk or danger. All transport or energy sectors, even renewables, carry risk as do all sports.

Nannyism and its near twin sister State bullying has already reached epidemic proportions in Britain. The smoking ban is hugely unpopular. Mobile phone ban in cars, seat belts for 50 yard journeys (total risk 3 in 1 billion kilometers) etc etc.

As soon as we get ignorant non-participants (outsiders) involving themselves (uninvited) in topics or risky activities - boxing, rugby or skiing etc - having ideas about how it should change we begin a debate of vacuous content.

Paul with boxing, like smoking and no doubt fat foods and alcahol, is trying to save people who don't need, didn't ask and certainly don't want his opinion. Paul, hqve you ever heard of shut up and butt out?


Encourage - possibly not, prohibit amateur boxing (by adults) no. Firstly prohibition of anything has never worked, secondly what consenting adults do to each other should be their business. It's called Freedom.

John Chinnery

It's all very well for Valley Lad to say that it's the boxer' choice but does a child of of 12 or 13 really understand the dangers sufficiently well to make the choice?

Paul Flynn

No comment, Valley Lad, about a 'sport' that we now know is a process of inflicting brain injuries. The damage is irreversible.
Should we encourage this?


Whilst arguments about pro boxers being "seduced" by the money may be valid, for amateurs it is a hobby. Their choice. I'm fed up of safety nazi's already. I'll never forgive govt's for compulsory motorcycle helmets or seatbelts. I would generally describe myself as a "socialist libertarian" and measure a govt on two aspects. Firstly how well the control financial institutions, reduce the gap between the top and bottom 5%, have progressive taxation policies etc (1/10 for this govt) and secondly how the enhance the ability of citizens to make their own choices (0/10).

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