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August 20, 2008


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Johnny Boy

Paul, you make 2 mistakes. Firstly you can't do maths. Secondly you ignorance of your inability at maths leads you to the wrong conclusion that I'm superficial.

Here's the maths;

£200m+ per annum extorted from motorists
35% decline in motorists in the Con-Zone
24% increase in buses into the zone

0 decrease in congestion
0 decrease in pollution
0 increase in average vehicle traffic speeds

In short, £200m+ per year to achieve 0 (zero).

I hope I've helped somehow with your problem


Try this Johnny Boy. It's rather better informed han your superficial approach.

Professor Stephen Glaister, a transport specialist at Imperial College London and former TfL board member, said the figures were no surprise because congestion had been inching back to 2002 levels for years. "Congestion would be a lot worse were it not for the charge," he said.

Congestion levels in the first three years of the charge were up to 30% lower than 2002 results, but the start of roadworks by Thames Water and other utility firms in 2006 started to push congestion back up.

TfL said cramped road space is the biggest congestion menace. It said 70,000 fewer cars enter the original charging zone compared with 2002, with 30,000 fewer entering the western zone, but gridlock has increased because the reduction in road space has been greater. TfL said utility companies make up to 14,000 applications a month to dig up London roads."

Driving or travelling on buses in London is quicker and easier post-charge. It's here to stay and is being copied throughout the world. It does need new improvements with higher charges and more restrictions. It has been vastly successful in getting people on to buses, tubes an bikes. This is the green future. Well done Ken.

Johnny Boy

Good to see Boris not tow the Party political line on the 'broken society' hype of Cameron which will be an open door for more 'behaviour change' legislation of the State interfering in society without peoples consent and without result - maybe if political leaders actually set a moral example rather than spinning, lying and back stabbing their way through governance it might help!

Mr Flynn concludes with "Spin your way out of that, Boris."

I'd like to ask the Con, er Congestion Zone costs motorists over £200m a year and achieves neither of its goals, either reductions in congestion or pollution, which Red Ken tried the 'super-spin' cycle by turning green and renaming it the CO2-Zone to avoid its miserable costly failure.

And aren't Labour trying to bribe Councils up and down the country to introduce this massive public transport failure?

Spin your way out of that Mr Flynn?

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