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July 16, 2008


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Thanks Greg. The Canadian scheme was the one that Gordon Prentice is pressing. The minister said the results are not good. We'll see.


Thanks Jon. You are correct, bijou and distant. It was Robin Cook's office in 96 but standards have improved since then.
The conditions in MPs offices were nightmarish in 1987. There were seven MPs in the first office I share.

Jon Worth

While I suspect that rebel Flynn has a small office somewhere... :-( Quite frankly the whole working atmosphere in those buildings strikes me as quite scary. I hope at least that your office is somewhere that's easily accessible.


Interesting about the Caerleon-Usk Road. I also seem to remember a fairly recent multiple fatality on the Caerleon Road as it bends around the Usk

I don't know if agree about radical measures being needed when it comes to boy racers: those sensible Canadians use graduated licensing, which amongst other things stops boy racers being out and about with passengers after dark. Widely accepted and totally reasonable!




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