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July 15, 2008


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Huw O'Sullivan

What faith in this milleniums unpopular military adventures?
Stamps with war dead from these would simply divide people between those who whether they agree with these things or not feel it would be patriotic to support them and those who feel a cynical government was attempting to manipulate them into on some level approving or supporting these things that led to many more deaths than would be represented.
Division is hardly to be desired when choosing postage stamps. Carry on, pretty popular with the vast majority, if for nothing more than nostalgia and so much more appropriate for stamps.


John, I am sure that you are correct. I did raise the subject in America of their 'invisible' war dead. if we faced the awful truth, it would undermine the incredible faith in the Iraq and Helmand ventures. I hope the pressure from the bereaved families might work.


Gareth. What an unworthy thought!. I have only one small drink a day. It's a rush trying to do too much. Perfection we can rarely attain - not first time round.


I hate being a cynic here Paul but isn't it obvious why the Dead soldiers have not appeared on stamps. Just as the war dead are not shown arriving in their coffins in the USA for fear of turning the population against this waste of life. No Government is going to advertise its dead in such a way as this will raise the awareness of the man in the street to the waste of life these wars cause. ANd that would never do would it with so many political careers wedded to the continuation of these wars.

I hope I'm proved wrong though but I doubt it

Gareth, Newport

Tut tut Paul. You are usually such a leader in the spelling, grammar and punctuation stakes. Were we a little tipsy when we wrote this blog? :-)

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