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July 18, 2008


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Ted Balls

Thought this was going to be a reference to Gordon's sale of gold reserves.

But no, the poor government is being done down by the evil press... brought tears to my eyes.
Never happened with Pravda

Paul Flynn

By the way, Huw, I am puzzled. Who will get your vote?

Paul Flynn

You should take up your NHS complaint with your AM. I havehad a fair amount of contact with the NHS this year. I have for very few complaints - and they did not know what job I did.

Polly Toynbee makes a similar point this morning. Yes Labour is in the worst situation we have been in since 1983. But our failure to accentuate the positives is lamentable. Bring back Alistair Campbell.

This is what part of what Polly Toynbee wrote:-

This week's crime figures are the best evidence. High employment and many more staying on at school after 16 are part of the reason why; 600,000 fewer children are poor, while Sure Start and nursery schools will change many lives (though results won't show until the children grow up); an NHS with no waiting lists, schools rebuilt and staffed with better-qualified teachers, while the Every Child a Reader scheme will cut illiteracy in primary-school leavers:


Sorry if this is a a repeat of an earlier coment. I don't deny these are stories that should be reported but Labour has lost the ear of the press for this sort of thing because of things that their readers are more concerned about. Their day to costs (fuel, food and power) are rising faster than any pay increases they have had (or in my case about to have) so the rest of this is frankly just background noise because it does not affect them so directly. Darling acknowledged it for the first time today - the deal with Labour was a bit more tax , better services. But what they don't want is to see dramatic cost increase in the things they spend everyday.
Now thankfully I have little experience of the NHS but I was at an ENT appointment that I'd waited 4 months for (cancelled once) and I was seen for a 2:30 appointment at 4:40. Part of the equipment did not work so the full test could not be completed and I was asked to come back in December ..
I would suggest that this sort of day to day activity needs to be working well before the other, possibly more worthy, stuff will even get heard..
Oh, and redoing the fiscal rules will destroy Labour credibility for managing the economy if the comments on the BBC and Economist websites are anything to go by.


Thanks Huw. The point I am making is a narrow one. On a day of some very good news, the reports are almost all universally hostile.
the whole of the targeting has been largely harmful, measuring failure not success and distorting priorities.Inevitably the economy is in serious trouble. But one of the indicators is still very strong indeed. That's employment/

You know my views of Afghanistan. Perhaps I'll blog soon about the experience of my father. His life was ruined by a war wound. Compensation was unheard of. A tiny pension was al that he got- for a limited period

The BBC were the only news outlet that reported the events of one day in a fair and balanced way.

Huw O'Sullivan

On further reflection it is more than sad that New Labours approach to the electorate is two stranded.
Strand 1: However bad we are we're still better than the Tories
Strand 2: But for those of you who like tory policies, you won't be missing out on anything by voting for us

There is of course the unofficial strand 3 which includes you Paul.
You do not advocate tory policies, you oppose the government when they are phenomenally wrong. So voting for you is like voting against the government which by voting for you the electorate help to put into power. It is the perfect circle, endless and unbreakable.

Huw O'Sullivan

Or in the past 24 hours, Labour has abolished targets in police work that it has spent the last 10 years supporting, endorsing and increasing, having had an independent review to tell them they haven't worked, having had police begging to have them removed and of course in the full understanding that it was tory policy.
Seemingly tory endorsement is required for most new labour policies.
In May last year
*Shadow home secretary David Davis said Whitehall targets were "stopping the police from doing what the public want them to do".
He added: "Conservatives would free the police from Labour's red tape so they can be deployed onto our streets - where the public want them."*

Compensation is being doubled for wounded soldiers, in what regions of the world are the majority of these woundings happening and who sent the soldiers there in the first place.

Record employment would indeed be great if it weren't being announced just as the economy tanks and we all know we are facing into a year which will increase unemployment, decreased employment, negative equity, home reposessions and bankruptcy.

Gosh Paul, cannot think why the press aren't just telling the truth as you see it and saying what a wonderful job new labour is doing.

So with the theory that a plentiful supply of heroin keeps down crime in western countries, does that explain the Afghani adventure, with that country now supplying more than 93% of world opiates thanks to the efforts of NATO forces, including the British troops who are being so well looked after when wounded.

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