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July 24, 2008


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Will S

What next Mr Flynn? Plotting the overthrow of the Nu-Lab gang on the frontbench? Good luck to you if you are. :)

The bottom line is this: I'd never vote Labour. But I'd respect your party infinitely more if it went back its roots and once again became the party of the weak and disenfranchised in this country.


OK, Surrender, Glasgow East was a catastrophe. No quibble.


You have got in one, Huw.

Huw O'Sullivan

Nuclear free profits.
What a wonderful wheeze.
If people cannot afford car insurance, they may not drive.
If people cannot afford house insurance, they are screwed if anything happens.
If companies cannot afford to insure against the risk of something going wrong with nuclear waste that they are making millions or billions from, then they can carry on and make their profits and the eejits who are paying them to deal with the waste will cover the disasters.

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