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July 13, 2008


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Thanks rwendland. I am expecting an answer today on the insurance ripoff for the waste contracts. I will raise these issue if I have a chance toady. I share your view that there may be a rowing back. At the meeting we had with the Brit-Irish group there was a lack of enthusiasm f or nuclear that I have not detected before.
I hope you are right.


Off topic - but to your interests Paul. What's going on in Downing St re nuclear power?

Downing St aides are saying - according to the Times, Telegraph, Independent and Guardian - the UK is now going for "eight medium-sized power stations, each generating about 1.2 gigawatts of electricity".

The EPR generates 1.6+ gigawatts and is not "medium-sized" - is this a sign that the EDF plan to build several EPRs in the UK is collapsing?

If the govt is hoping for AP1000s (~1.2 GWe), do they appreciate there is a long waiting list on the limited build capacity for the steel pressure vessel?

The third reactor still in NII's Generic Design Assessment, the GE-Hitachi ESBWR, is a biggie like the EPR, at nearly 1.6 GWe. So the "eight medium-sized power stations" have to be Westinghouse-Toshiba AP1000s.

Seems to me this is slowly sliding into a fiasco, as Downing St scrabbles to find some money-men to bet on this enormous punt.

Here are links to some of the newspaper stories:


From the calibre of the journalists writing these stories (~Political Editor}, this may have come from a Minister's mouth.

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