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July 19, 2008


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Thanks Paul - blogged this post and report here http://holfordwatch.info/2008/07/20/paul-flynn-and-welsh-assembly-report-on-dyslexia-anddore


Thanks Kevin. I am putting down an EDM today in praise of British baseball. I will mentiuon the match on August 3. I hope it goes well. It's a long to go unfortunately but I hope it goes well.

Adam Johannes

Thank you, it is EDM 2038

Kevin Ward

Re: the baseball. Good stuff, Paul. You might be interested to know that Wales under-14s take on their English counterparts in Liverpool on August 3.
Wales are captained by Ellis Harrison, from the St Michael's club in Pill, and also feature James Ward (who happens to be my son, so I'll be there!)

Paul Flynn

Thanks Adam Johannes. I will do that. I have heard many accounts of the misery and strain of working in these places.

Adam Johannes

Dear Paul Flynn,

I was wondering if you would be interested in signing an EDM regarding a friend of mine:
He was involved in quite an inspirational drive to unionise a call centre:

"Every night, all around the country, in the 21st century factories known as call centres, some 750,000 workers will breathe a collective sigh of relief as they get the signal that their shift has finally come to an end."

And has been sacked for routine trade union work.


Adam Johannes

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