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July 07, 2008


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Thanks Pat and Alan. A Tory MP has a crazy proposition to raise money to appeal against this decision through the courts. He should have a plausible case before doing that. There is not the beginnings of one.

Alan Kirby and Pat Quayle

Re. 'Hail Hilary the brave' and the badger cull that blessedly won't be - bang on, Paul, our sentiments exactly.
At last someone has stood up to the livestock industry, who keep blaming others for their own failings and misdeeds. With the badgers, they weren't demanding billions of taxpayers' money as usual, just the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent and much loved creatures. But since killing and exploitation is what livestock farmers they make their daily living from, should anybody be surprised?

Pat and Alan, Hayle, Cornwall

Chris Gale

Thanks for the post on Hilary Paul.

He has the thanks of all who believe in policy based on science, decency and progressive values.
I note the Tories would slaughter badgers if God forbid they get into power.Labour MPs should point out that fact to voters, vote Tory and get all out war on our wildlife by Dave's 'new' Tories....


Thanks for the comments. I agree with some bits of all of them.

The only person I found who thought Obama would not will was a young black woman. She said that racial prejudice would keep him out. She is engaged to a Frencjman and delights in the lack of prejudice in Paris.

But there is a stong momentum building up that, I hope, will overcome prejudice. Obama will get more fluent and impressive as the campaign proceeds. McCain will, by comparison, fade. The videos of his gaffes are devastating. If there are television debate, the choice will be a stark one between an exciting, fresh change or the discredited failed past.

The Americans at the reception in the Commons last nights are full of idealism. They would share some of your criticisms of their country, Huw and John. But there are two faces of America. One is Roosevelt, Carter, Kennedy and Clinton. The other Reagan and Bush-es.

Their recent foreign policy has been a disaster but the USA has scarificed more of their soldiers than any other nation in defence of freedom in other countries.


The USA has been the most destablising influence in the world for the last decade.
It not only pollutes in far greater excess to any other country but imprisons more than any other nation. A whole sector of its population namely young blacks are thrown in jail. Bush has taken us into 2 wars both that will be long and drawn out with little chance of anything but a Vietnam type withdrawel.
It spends trillions on an unwinnable "War in Drugs" yet cannot provide universal health care. For its citizens that cannot afford insurance are turned out onto the street. This is a country that has got its priorities wrong. It no longer is the land of the free by any standard.
But there is hope and that is Obama not all Americans believe the primary school rhetoric of Bush lets hope they wake up in order to vote Obama in.

Jolly Roger.........Lest we forget.

Obama for President, sounds good to hear.
McCain just means Bush Mk II, I fear.
One thing I can't pass in Huw's oration,
Is describing the Yanks as a "despicable nation".
They've certainly helped us out in the past.
Remember the Nazi iconoclast?
Try saying that to an old British Tommy.
What are you Huw, Quisling or Commie?

Huw O'Sullivan

I doubt the outcome.
I sincerely doubt that the US is going to elect a black president.
Republican voters just have to keep voting Republican and can we possibly imagine that 2 or 3 percent of floating voters or even traditionally Democrat voters, might just either vote against a black candidate or not vote at all.
McCain will win.
It hardly matters, in international affairs there is little difference between the two parties and in national affairs, the differences are more style than substance.
Obama has already declared his unquestioning support for Israel for example and continued the Israeli canard about "looking for credible partners with whom they can make peace".
This US/Israeli/Obama/Bush world where people in conflict only make peace with those they are already at peace with, an interesting and deliberately obstructive approach which guarantees that no peace can ever be made with anyone, being used by people who no longer care to even pretend to be being reasonable or civilised.
In reality, while McCain is old, and quite possibly mildly insane, and undoubtedly will have utterly obnoxious policies on just about everything may actually turn out to be the better person to be president of that despicable nation. One thing at least is certain with McCain, once in power, nobody will have any hold over him, what can they offer him? A plum job after his term of office?
At over 70, most people who are currently rich and powerful, are not too worried about getting richer after the next four or eight years. He may even consider that he wouldn't be too pushed about getting a second term.
Which could potentially make him very very dangerous, but Bush and Blair were very very dangerous.What it will guarantee is complete independence, he doesn't have to keep his party happy, his donors happy, he can do whatever he likes, if he chooses to do good, it could be very very good indeed.
Almost certainly won't be what he chooses, but at least theres a glimmer of chance there whereas there is none with anyone else.

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