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July 17, 2008


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really ban cannabis seeds is it really gonna be possible i mean they will have to ban the whole hemp genus which seems a bit extreme i mean how are the police gonna be able to tell the difference between a bag of hemp seed used for say fishing and a bag of cannabis seeds they look the same and are the same pretty much.
hemp/hemp seed is far to important to our economy to put a ban on it. we should be moving forward and not backwards when cannabis is concerned and maybe think of making money from taxes on it like the usa have done, they are in no regrets from medical marijuana an so far it has created a boom in the economy an bought more money to the government via taxes on the drug amongstother positives like a lower crime rate less money spent on jail terms etc. also they forget that a lot of people will just keep clones from other plants so chances are it will make a new illegal market for cannabis clones which at the moment are unheard of in the drugs market but are increasingly popular in the states an canada where seeds are already banned, or its legal for medical use
i cant see that realistically they can follow this ban through an it will just create more problems in the not so distant future either for drug users or farmers an such also would have devastating effects on our economy.
you wouldnt ask for a ban on poppy seeds to help cut back heroin production would you?

Paul Flynn

That is absolutely fascinating. I will dig deeper. Thank you John.


The discussion on radio 2 lunchtime Thursday was interesting Paul. They were talking about the crime figures and why they may have fallen. The expert agreed with Mathew Bannister that becasue the price of Heroin had fallen on the streets there was less reason for addicts to commit crime. Also the expert mentioned the downgrading of cannabis had furthur reduced the incidence of recorded crime. The expert underlined that public health response to such drug use by our citizens was probably one reason why crime figures had fallen....I wonder if any MP's where listening!!

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