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July 05, 2008


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Jolly Roger......Counting his blessings.

Patrick, you've just brought a lump to my throat.
And there was me thinking that you're just a young scrote.
You cannot imagine how wrong I have been.
Now that your true generous nature is seen.
'givejrhismoneyback.com' sounds fine.
I'll open an account,your bank or mine?
I do hope that Paul will help with the pick-up.
It'll make a nice change from the Nu-Labour stick-up.

Hang on just one cotton-picking minute.
I've nearly gone and dropped myself in it.
This fund is just part of a fiendish scheme,
To silence poor Roger...Dream on Pat, just dream.
I cannot be silenced by man nor by beast.
'Pending on Paul's hospitality at least.
So thanks for the offer that I now sadly spurn.
If you still want to help, give to Age Concern.

Paul,I understand your reputational ire,
But there ain't no smoke without some fire.
Your one-sided diss'ing of Ray Lewis's rep.
Had to be countered with a swift side-step.
The judgement against you, exists, so does his,
But neither stops either from doing the biz.
So just give some credit where credit is due.
And don't be surprised if some comes back to you.

Your generous offer of two quid 'til Friday,
Would've certainly have helped to stem the tide, eh?
But fortunately, not being a loafer,
I had a feel down the back of the sofa.
Lo and behold and to my delight.
I found £3.20 so now I'm alright.
My internal gratitude you could now earn.
If you donated two quid, or more, to Age Concern.

Paul Flynn

You have mis-read it. My attack is not on Ray Lewis but on the incompetent way he was appointed. Try reading what I said again, not what you think I said.

As to your suggestion that I have skeletons in my cupboard I must disappoint you. On the contrary on these matters I have a record that I am very proud of. I was the first in 1996 to attack the endowment mortgages losses that were suffered and the profits being made by big businesses. Later these included criticism of companies who were charging between 10% and 50% of compensation paid just for ADVICE. This advice was freely available from WHICH? and others.

One of these firms who charge 25% sued me because they claim my accusation could be interpreted as claiming they were charging more.

I was advised that I had a 90% chance of winning the case in court. But if I lost, the costs could be between three quarters of a £million and a £million. That would have ruined me. I am not a gambler and even though the odds were good, the risk was too great. I had no alternative but to agree to their demands. Signing the 'apology' was more sensible that a possible future of debt.

I did nothing wrong and I am proud of my endowment campaign. I would do the same again. The cost is part of the risk we MPs have when we take on rich powerful companies who can afford to employ expensive lawyers to silence their critics. The insurance that MPs have to defend us against libel cases was then insufficient. The costs were increasing at a rate of about £3,000 a week.

There is an important principle here. MPs should be free to accuse without the risk of prosecution. I have done this under privilege six times - with some dramatic results. One firm left Newport the other left the country. Good riddance to both. One wanted to reopen a polluting power station where Avon Village now stands.

It was a good of you to bring this up, Jolly Roger and give me the chance to put you, and anyone else who does understand the issue, straight.

During the compensation campaign I was contacted by hundreds of people throughout the country. The details I gave them of free advice or advice that charged 10% only saved many of them £thousands. When asked by the Guardian to list the things that I have done as an MP that I am proud of, endowment campaigning was high on the list. It was a very successful and worthwhile campaign.

Although I am far from perfect, I am not guilty as charged by you. I will continue to hurl the bricks at those who deserve criticism. It's the best part of my job. Have a look at my recent EDM on a so-called 'miracle 'cure for Dyslexia.

Paul Flynn

Thank you Patrick. If Jolly Roger reveals his identity, I will send the two quid he is asking for by the end of the week.


Hopefully other readers of this blog will be as concerned at Jollys plight as me.
I'm prepared to lead the way here and launch a 'Help Jolly campaign'. A friend suggested calling it 'Save JR' as of the Dallas character in the 80's.

JR has raised my awareness and made me realise that yes people in the UK really are living in deprived and Third world circumstances.
The above campaign could swiftly arrange payments for Jollys holidays, Electric and Gas ,Computers and Internet fees, Fuel for his 4-track, alcohol
and Tea bags (PG), and daily mail respectively.
We could arrange a whip around amongst the 6Million public sector workers in Britain.
A Pound a week from each could net JR 6million a week and soon put a stop to these rhymes.

Jolly Roger.....Chwarae Teg Party.

Whilst gaffes abound and bring their disgrace.
It would be nice to see the full story in place.
Ray Lewis is accused but not convicted,
But to your mind his guilt is clearly predicted.
Your graceless critique tells less of the man.
Do you deride him just 'coz you can?
Why not mention the work that he's done?
Steering the youth from the knife and the gun.

With the help of your pompous huffing and puffing.
Anyone would think he'd 'never done nuffing'.
As least he grasping an important 'nettle',
In guiding these kids from their weapons of metal.
His record on youth work shows at least that he's trying.
To stop more of these young kids dying.
Some Chwarae Teg, if you don't mind, old chap.
To balance your 'Labour is innocent' crap.

A more balanced view is hard to expect,
From a critic whose form is hardly perfect.
Libellous claims can be a bit pricey,
When the image portrayed is all nicey-nicey.
Someone once said "Don't throw the brick,
Unless you are sinless, you'll look like a p***k".
Not that I'd use that word in this place.
But £36K is hard to replace.

I can't go yet without mentioning your quote.
Give me a minute, I'll just get my coat.

"Multi-Millionaires urging the rest of us to take a pay-cut are not an edifying sight."

At the moment I saw it, I was leaning to leeboard,
And spluttered my tea onto screen and on keyboard.
I felt as if I'd been robbed by a mugger.
Then realised it was you, you cheeky old bugger.
Whilst not wishing to completely deride, eh?
How's about lending me two quid 'til Friday.

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