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June 03, 2008


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Pau Flynn

Thanks Tony. I have a lot of sympathy with some of your comments. A stand must be made for green taxes but they should hit those who can best afford to pay.

There are still in idealists on the Labour benches


I suspect the demoralisation has something to do with being asked to support policies that deep down they do not want to implement.

a) 10p tax band
b) retrospective taxing of cars
c) 42 days detention without trial

I would hope that at some point the need to be in power would be overridden by doing what is right for the people that I used to think Labour were there to help.
GB stands up AGAIN today and says most of the people will be un-affected by the road tax changes - 81% was the figure he used
But the 19% that will be affected most (and by that I mean the ability to pay the increased charges) will be the poorer end of society. If you are on £18,000 a year then a rise in car tax will hit harder than if you are on £60,000
Now I thought that 'Social Justice' was a main value of the party - this does not really work for me I have to say

Jon Worth

You should have met some Brussels-based bloggers who would have been happy to point out the problems and contradictions with Brussels lobbying!

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