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June 27, 2008


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Will S

You misunderstand me. I'm arguing that it would be better to simultaneously remove the same amount of working benefits for the low paid as is incurred by taking these out of tax. Quite apart from any views on who should be taxed more or less, it should be clear to people of any political persuasion that it is silly to have an expensive system in which workers pay into the system which subsequently reimburses them.


Thanks Bob Hill. Next week, we may make some progress on his following Brown's announcement. There is a roundtable discusion on Tuesday plus he hearing on Thursday. Many of us would love to make our own contributions. the present subsidies are helpful but the costs are still high.


Agree entirely Will S. Those on the lowest earnings could be taken out if taxes on the highest earners increased. the reaction from the 10p debacle indicates that this would be a popular moe.

Bob Hill

The government should also be making it economically attractive for individuals to buy renewable energy sources for their own homes. For instance, a small wind turbine and a fuel cell array on many houses could make a considerable contribution.

Will S

I'm more and more confused over why the 10p doubling is going ahead anyway if he's got to compensate them through the expensive benfits system. Why not take the low earners out of tax and cut down on civil servants and their wages?

Perhaps I'm seeing this too simplisticly though...

Paul Flynn

Thanks. Constituents who lost out of the 10p change have been vocal in telling me that they have not been compensated. Today's news is the second attempt to make this point - the first one was by Peter Kilfoyle. I am very surprised to hear that a large amount has gone to people who did not lose. That was not the intention. I await Darling's answer. I have already taken up a couple of individual local cases with the Treasury.

Not much hope that anything can be done about oil prices. The world market decide. If there is a tax change, the money will have to come from another tax.


Green sense may well be winning - and it is interesting to see that was announced a couple of days after the changes to the planning laws which as we know take power from elected officials and give it unelected ones. I hope it works (the wind farms I mean). I think I must just be out of touch here because no one I'be mentioned it to gives a damm - but they will just as soon as they are practically affected

On on the matter of the 10p tax debacle a Commons committe has concluded

It highlighted that the vast majority of the Government’s 10p rescue package – £2 billion out of £2.7 billion – had gone to people who had not even lost out from the original tax change.

So not only was the original change not worked through the response wasn't either and there are still swathes of people worse off !

Let me ask a question. Why does GB not get the government to fix what really bothers people right now. He was the only head of state at the oil meeting and that was aiming at economic measures - if anyone should have been there it was that glove puppet Darling..

And why is it that GB gets to announce everything - or is the Cabinet doing nothing ?

Sorry , bit if a rant but this country needs a leader not a technocrat right now

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