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June 23, 2008


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Jolly Roger

Please don't make sport, Paul, me old mate.
Of my increasingly penurious and parlous state.
Food prices rising by plenty percent.
Fuel even higher and taxed with intent.
We in the real world at the base of the heap.
Struggle daily, our heads above water to keep.
The point that I make is the one that vexes.
Most of your housekeeping's covered by ex'es.

With regard to the Planet, who really gives a toss?
We'll all make excuses to justify the loss,
Fact finding missions to places of fun,
Conferences and meetings, 5 star, in the sun.
What's wrong with video conferencing now?
Shouldn't be too difficult. I'm sure you know how.
What's that? I hear you. Are you off your trollies?
We're MPs and must have our share of the jollies.

In fact, you're quite wrong, with regard to the drying,
Of tea-bags, prior to re-use. It's science applying.
An infusion should be made with leaves that are dry.
Because the moist ones taste stewed, that's plainly why.
Water at boiling point, not even just nearly.
Take the pot to the kettle. I'll emphasise that clearly.
Cascade the water straight onto the leaf,
And brew for five minutes for a cup of relief.


Thanks again Jolly Roger. It's good to know that you are awake. Most readers thought the spelling was another Welsh mysterious spelling. Your poverty pleas are becoming charmingly Dickensian. Why dry tea bags? They are more succulent if left moist. I have written ad nauseam about the 10p tax. You know my views.

What about the serious points made about the fate of the planet?.


Thank you Huw. Astral projection sounds as good as teleporting. It is now possible to appear as a hologram and be omnipresent. The Commons still loves rubbing shoulders in the Lobby. We could text our votes in.

Jolly Roger

Following on from the spelling critic.
Is Cramarthshire close by Flitwick?
Or is it near some leafy vales
or some obscure part of Wales.
I only ask out of personal concern,
For your mental state upon your return.
It sounds as if you've lagged by a jet.
I hope it's not permanent, that, I'd regret.

Now that your footprint of Carbon has rocketed.
I do hope that adequate ex'es were pocketed.
To ensure your comfort at my expense.
For me, there is no recompense.
Flights of fancy, 'fraid not for me.
I must dry my tea-bags ready for tea.
You've doubled my tax. My pension's in tatters.
But you've got yours, I s'pose that's what matters.

You mentioned an offset that you wish to make.
What on earth would that be, for goodness sake.
Will you start using the train or the 'bus?
Crammed into 'steerage' with the rest of us.
Or will it be First Class away from the rabble?
Far from the proles' unseemly babble.
Or will it be your high mileage Skoda?
Obscuring with carbon, this critical coda?

Huw O'Sullivan

So you got back out of the US again, despite the whole left wing and criticising policy and information on Afghanistan.
Not even a shackle to show for it.

I normally wouldn't pick you up on spelling but this is an exception that simply cannot be passed on.
Exactly when was the requirement to be psychically present in the house of commons for voting brought in and surely astral projection would meet that requirement.

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