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May 23, 2008


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Frankly Tamsin Dunwoody didn't deserve 31% of the vote, she didn't deserve any of it. A campaign that unhealthily focussed on immigration to the extent that the one in Crewe did, and which described Ms Dunwoody as 'one of us' was straight out of the same sewer as the BNP inhabit, and deeply shamed the Labour Party.

Jolly Roger struggling to keep afloat.

So come on Paul, justify this.
Surely these people are taking the piss.
Kitchen for Blair, bathroom for Mandy.
Tudor boards for Prescott, I'll bet that was handy.
£94 window cleaning for Follett.
This obvious trough-snouting just sticks in my gullett.
Your call for "core values" has been readily noted.
Don't worry Paul, you'll be out when we've voted.

It's too late to stop your "ephemeral game"
This time you'll all be stuck with the blame.
Your Government's sleaze is worse than the Tories.
At least they came up with a variety of stories.
But Martin's attempt to keep it all Mum.
Has backfired now to bite his bum.
This adds to the downfall of NuLabour Dreams.
We've just had enough of your trough-snouting-schemes.

Peter L

First thing to say is that I am not a Labour supporter anymore. So I hope you value this email even more! I would like to give you my support and acknowledgement for raising the issue of subsidies to farmers. I live in the south wales valleys from a small mining community and have grown up there.

However I have lived in a farming community aswell so I am in a position to compare both experiences. The poverty amongst the mining communities bears no resembelance to the 'claimed' poverty of farmers. The community I lived in were hill farmers (probably the poorest in wales)and still the majority owned there own land and machinery worth £10000's.

What most of the farmers complained of was that they were poor in relation to the past when 'they had it so good'. I work as a community worker and spent my days in some of the most disadvantaged estates in wales and the quality of life could not be compared. What other industry now expects subsidies to this degree? This expectation runs deep and there is little support for the working man and even less for those on benefits.

When I first moved to the area it was like being on holiday, and in my numerous years on the planet I hadn't realised that people can have this type of life. I believe the same can be said in reverse and the overuse of the poverty word devalues the dire situation some people find them selves in.

Ther are exceptions to this, there are tenant farmers who do not own swathes of the land and may be in a different position. The other argument is that they look after the land, usually by not allowing access. The use of subsides for this purpose gives very little benefit to the public and is purely to protect their own interests. make it all a national park then!!

I hope you continue with this issue because justice and questioning vested interest should be core to the work of the Labour party. If you did I might consider joining, but then again.

Once you finish with these maybe you can start on corporations? super rich?


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