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May 27, 2008


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I was also not aware about this age limit.
Thanks for increasing my knowledge about blood donation limits. I thing it happens because of Aging process as a person grows its cells starting to become weaker and weaker That is why medical science come up with this idea.


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pet snakes good and bad things about them ........I want one but I want to know if they are easy to take care ,can they fetch and does there cage stink and how often do you have to clean the cage?????/// Love meeee! I love crackers bet you wouldn't guess that Silly me haha


It's entirely fair to reveal the hidden political motives of those who encourage prptests whether they are BNP or Tories.

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BNP Threats:
Playing the man, not the ball ?
If someone from the BNP advocates cleaning your teeth, that doesn't make cleaning your teeth wrong, or indicate a conspiracy...

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