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May 13, 2008


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The 10p tax changes are not complete, Valleylad. Work is still going on and the pressure must be maintained. But it is a vast improvement

Blunkett is more worthy of blame. I have spent more time with Prescott in the past six months than in the past 21 years. My opinion of him has improved. He is a complex character


Thanks to you and your colleagues for sticking with it on the 10p tax. EXCELLENT!!!


I'm waiting for the dust to settle as far as the tax changes are concerned. Unless I've missed something, any single person earning less than 10k is better off, those between 10k and 19k are still worse off than before the budget. If there are low income losers this is not a labour govt!

I've little if any time for Prescott, but his behaviour still has a degree of integrity that is totally lacking in the snouts in the trough mentality of others (e.g. Blunkett)

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