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May 26, 2008


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Pau Flynn

Thanks rwendland. these are the great under-exposed scandals of our time.

I believe the total number 'ordered' was inflated in order to fiddle the unit price down for each Eurofighter. We have wasted £billions because of Euro-nationalism and the collaboration of politicians in agreeing to waste any sum of money as long as it means jobs in their constituencies.

I have repeatedly asked Defence Ministers who are enemies are likely to be. there are no plausible answers.


Could the BAE Systems supporters club be behind that email?

Seems like the MOD is finally running out of cash to buy yet more Cold War class equipment. i.e. Tranche 3 of EuroFighter (Typhoon) and the Type 45 air-defence destroyer (at £1+ billion a pop) - looks like they don't have the funds to buy as many of these as they say they want. I bet BAE would love more defence funds for these projects (as well as Nimrod and an Astute sub order every 22 months).

How has the MOD got away with still buying Cold War class equipment for so long. Who exactly does MOD think could be the opponent for extreme hi-tech air-defence? Flash toys for the boys still seems to be the game, rather than everyday equipment like helicopters.

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