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May 20, 2008


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Matt, Eccleston affair was in 1997, was wrong, universally condemned and the cash was repaid.

In 2008, five Tory opposition spokesmen failed to declare properly large sums given to them by firms with direct finacial interests in their portfolios. Money has not been repaid. By any standards this is on a par or worse than anything Peter Hain has been accused of doing. He gets mega attention. The Tory five are largely ignored.


>When does a contribution to a political party become a bribe?

er ... perhaps when it gives you another few years of cigarette advertising on F1 cars.

Talk about glasshouses and stones.

Paul Flynn

With you onthe database Tony. Not convinced yet that it will be worthwhile.

Few problems with Dentists in Newport. Had a NHS one for years and the service is great. He is good at slotting people (apart from MPs) in at the last minute. Lots of problems with local doctors who are pretty inaccessible in my experience.

It will be interesting to see what the Assembly will do about blogs. All parties seem to be in revol;t at the restictions. Do we need a Union of Liberated Bloggers ?

Paul Flynn

That as well, Valleylad.
The stuff that parties produce is crap and unusable. But even intelligent propaganda is a turn-off.


Blogs are really about honest communication and connecting with the reader with what you believe - think that might explain a lot

Good to see that the science won out today

OK, just a couple of observations today

a) ever tried getting a dentist appointment ?
We've been registered with an 'NHS' dentist for 8 years now
So, we get a reminder saying our 6 month check is due for the family
Great, so phone up to arrange this
NHS ? OK , you can have an appointment in the middle of the day (handy for work eh?)in .... September
Private , 9am at the beginning of June suit you ?
And don't even try and re-claim costs as a student - its so obstructive its just a joke and I suspect like a lot of people won;t bother.
In 1997 I thought the deal was ' more tax in return for better services ' - sadly not ..

b) Why do we want yet another massice database for phone records and email ?
Do you think it might be worth getting the ones we have like the NHS 'Phone and Book' and the CSA working first ? And for goodness sake stop creating new criminal offences - could that be why the prisons are full ?
The comment I heard today was 'does the government see 1984 as a practical handbook or as a work of fiction ?'
If the Ministry of Justice gets renamed MiniLove I guess that answers that one ..

You know if cannabis wan't illegal it would almost worth starting to chill out here !


"This is the most compelling reason why I have avoided party political material from my website for the past nine years"

Silly me, I always thought it was because you diagreed with most of it :)

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