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April 23, 2008


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Paul Flynn

Valleylad, what is the alternative?

AQt least 39 MPs who would have been at least 70 on Monday if nothing had changed.

Occasionally Jolly but currently pissed off Roger.

Your compromise helps me, not at all.
You really have the utmost gall.
What do I do from now 'til November?
I'll still pay double tax, remember?
Immediate 10p restoration's needed,
To ensure that I continue to be feeded.
Undo this stingy and niggardly move.
Labour has lost the Nation's love.

Jam tomorrow, but exactly when?
What am I supposed to do 'til then.
I know, I'll subsidise the better off.
And maintain your monthly £400 trough.
NuLabour? As per Jim Royle, my arse!
Protect the weak? It's just a farce,
To keep the poor in their proper places.
Down on their knees and flat on their faces.

Labour's done simply nowt for me.
Down here at the bottom of the tree.
I just struggle day to day.
To keeps the wolves and poverty at bay.
And if you think that I exaggerate.
Just let me know and I'll relate,
To you the sorryness of my situ.
I can wear the cap, it just won't fit you.


Oh that we had a bit of redistribution from the top. there is certainly scope for it with the £1millions bonuses paid in the city.

This has been a good day.


"He accepted that not all those who've lost from the 10p tax rate cut would benefit. Not all losers, indeed most of them he believes, are anything like poor.".....

"He still believes that his last budget as chancellor was right and fair; that the number of poor people who lose has been exaggerated; that he's only made a minor change to his policy, costing a relatively small sum of money. And, finally, he is outraged at being lectured on poverty by the Conservative party.

Nevertheless, deep down, he must know that this political mess is largely of his own making."

The above from Nick Robinson's blog on the BBC. I don't know Gordon says he gets it but after reading the above i'm not quite sure. What is it going to take for him to see the light!

This U-turn could yet turn out to be the beginning of a 360.


One of the problems is that this country is (sadly) quite right wing and improving the lot of the poorest can only be done by stealth.
Compared to what went before this government is far far better. In many ways its constrained by the very nature of society.

The 10p issue should never have come about but hopefully it will now be sorted.

The Tories going on about their concern for the poor is totally pathetic, given the misery they inflicted for years.

Baneswell boy

It's a 'u-turn' but it's the right decision.


To a large extent Nu-labour need to decide where they want to go now. Are they going to remain the "tory lite" party or start on the long and difficult path of engaging with their traditional supporters?

I don't know a single "lifelong socialist" who would contemplate voting for this government. As a comment on a different blog put it - "Anyone earning under 100K would be mad to vote Tory or Labour" - I agree.

Three suggestions for raising the money to restore the 10p band:
1. Remove all tax breaks on BTL
2. A "moral hazard" tax on banks
3. A new tax band for income over 100K

Obviously, I'm dreaming!


Looks like GB listened - nice one !

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