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April 17, 2008


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Dear Elains, That's a great suggestion. I believe that something on these lines will emerge this week.

The 40 of us who have signed the amendment will not be frightened off by whips scare stories about the Government falling. They used the same threat to try to persuade us to vote for the Iraq War. 139 Labour MPs voted against. If we had won that vote, nearly 200 British soldiers who have fallen would be alive today.

If the Government lose a vote, there will be a vote of confidence next day. None of the 40 will side with the Tories then. We must get across to the Government the deep sense of anger and betrayal felt by this foul-up.

Elaine Robinson

Dear Paul
Re the 10p tax - would it be better to increase the tax allowance at the lower end eg make the allowance the current threshold plus £1500? Losses could be made up by increasing taxes for high earners? I understand the wish to simplify the system but it has to be weighed against being unfair to low earners (I do appreciate there have been some good anti-poverty measures prior to this low point. This makes this all the more disappointing. You mention that the abolition of the 10p rate may only affect many less than headlined - this also needs quantifying - I guess if this is true it may not be too difficult to identify the losers?.

Best wishes


Paul Flynn

I can only repeat what I said that I have alswys opposed the 10p tax. I said so to Alistair darling in the Commons an hour agoa and I hope to raise with Gordon Brown at 6.00 o'clock tonight.

Your neighbour may be due for Council tax/Housing Benefit etc.

Disgusted with Labour

That should have read Sorry about the tabloid speak

Disgusted with Labour

speak but I am just so angry at seeing folk like my neighbour - a single care worker who earns around £7500pa, pays full council rent, council tax etc, now being hit with an extra income tax. Listening to MPs and Labour Party speakers I'm convinced taht a lot of them are totally unaware of the 30 hour rule which prevents people like my neighbour claiming working tax credits. No chance of extra shifts either.

Paul Flynn

Abolishing the 10p rate is wrong and I have consistently and repeatedly opposed it. Talk of 'cruxifixtion is tabloid speak.

Paul Flynn

Thanks Dez,

The French have other solar panels lighting some motorway signs in the central reservation. On this journey, I saw three large windfarms that were not there in September. in spite of their obsession with nuclear they are making progress with renewables.


Motorway Art is definately worth copying, having been through Phoenix AZ I think it can work well. Of course its easier to keep clean something in that kind of Climate so the art would have to be designed to withstand local british weather, pretty simple with the right materials.

As for solar panels I thought they had solar lights on a bridge in monmouth for a few years, as its historic they cant run a cable to it. Again worth doing if the maintenance costs are low.

Disgusted with labour

Hope you realise that folk who work less than 30 hours a week are not even eligible for working tax credits and are being crucified by your abolishing the 10% rate.

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