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April 29, 2008


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What sort of party would it be? A foxhunting party?


The one woman who could save the Labour Party.......

Paul Flynn

Yes, I am alarmed about renewables and we must keep the pressure on. That's no excuse for opposing a courageous policy to reduce pollution from emissions.

Your GP service is nothing to do with cash. they and the rest of NHS have had shedloads of the stuff. The Tories have said they will let them work fewer hours!


My car is a Celica Paul - 185mg so nowhere near the worst - its serviced to meet the emissions restrictions and so on ..(4 years old)

On the issue of Green Taxes, the proportion of the tax take taken by green taxes has actually declined in the last ten years

.. and we come back to my point that IF the tax was used for renewables then I might swallow it - but your article on renewables shows that we are paying lip service to this and we are going nuclear

I guess thats the main problem I have - the deal in 97 seemed to me to be that 'yes you will pay more tax but services will get better' (I have to queue outside my GP surgery at 7:45 to get a same day appointment for example)

But yesterday I got about a £20 increase in take home pay - to arrive home to find that the monthly payment for my electricity has gone up by .... £20..


If we taxed vehicles on carbon emitted rather
than "potential carbon emitted per km" I'd be
in favour. As it is, seems like a gimmick.

If you want people to make greener choices, they need an incentive to choose. If we want to reduce co2 emissions or reduce miles driven, an annual charge is likely to have zero effect, as it does not favour keeping a vehicle well serviced, or using it less for example.

Abolish VED, and simply increase fuel duty.
Obviously I'm dreaming again :)


What car are you driving Tony?

Everyone is in favour of green taxes - until they have to be paid. The new rates should lead to less pollution and improve the quality of the air we breathe. I just came into my office by bus and I will return to Newport by train tonight. I am struggling to reduce my carbon footprint. I drive a 7 year old Skoda car.


Hello Paul,

well I think I hear another foot being shot this morning.
I 've just checked the Treasury charges for the changes in Car Tax - and guess what ? My car tax will rise by 52% next April .. from £170 to £260 ...
Its in the Times this morning .. impecable timing and yet another tax increase.
If I thought it might go to green/renewable energy projects I might just swallow this but I doubt it
The cost of runing my car is escalating.. and then GB goes on Five Live this morning and announces he is trying to help families .. what , with another tax increase ?

Paul Flynn

Glad to see you are keeping the pressure up, Chris.
Hate to give her what she craves.

Chris Gale

Hi Paul

I believe strongly the party should kick this awful woman out forthwith. The vast, decent majority who oppose the barbaric bloodsports she represents would be supportive and it is insulting to Labour supporters and members that she is allowed to remain.
To do what she has done 2 days before the election is disgraceful. We should get shot of her pronto.
Not only that but she should be considered a security risk, given the insider knowledge of party strategy that Labour MPs have ahead of a general election.

Tonypandy Andy

Relax, dude. Give Kate a break. You got Shaun Woodward... what have you got to complain about ?

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