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April 24, 2008


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Anyone who hasn't already noticed(NI Fund) must be sleep-walking. The 1% NI contributions increase and simultaneous boast of no increase in income tax rates was the same duplicity as the abolition of the 10% rate.

Help me digest your argument:

- what data do you have to support your statement that the NI surplus comes disproportionately from the lower paid ?
- how do you square the pension situation with "Labour’s brilliant record of moving money to the worst off" (Prove me wrong, Gordon - April 23)

Paul Flynn

Thanks Valleylad. Agree entirely. Universal benfits are stigma-free with 99% take-up. The NI Fund is used as a csah cow which if funded largely by low earners.

The issue is as important as the 10p. One day everyone will notice. I have raised it many times and I will continue to do so.


As usual you hit the nail on the head with pensions, but frankly I link it back to "stealth socialism", I mean if the govt wasn't pinching from the NI pot, they'd have to raise taxes and that would never do :)

£90.70 a week is a pathetic amount. Yes I know about the MIG, but that is means tested, and I view that as an attack on those who've saved a little which may well be as much as they could have afforded.

The nice thing about the state pension/child benefit etc. is that they are fair, everyone pays, everyone benefits. They're part of our social glue.

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