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April 26, 2008


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Thank you John. I will press for its publication. Although advice to ministers is not usually published. Someone might usefully leak it.


No William. I will not voting for the councillors in London - only for the Mayor. Lliving half my life in London and using London transport that's entirely legitimate.


re Night Mayor (aka KL). Surprised that you endorse the 'vote early and vote often' principle (actually not - that is how the Taffia have guarded their power for decades) - why do you have multiple votes whereas business council tax payers have no democratic say in where their money goes?


Hi Paul

I hope you are doing everything possible to get the ACMD's report out into the public domain. It would be outrageous if this report was not made public.It would be censorship of the kind we would expect from totalitarian regimes were the truth is suppressed because it doesn't agree with the party line.

We need to see that any pretence that Policy is made on sound scientific evidence is another claim unfortunatley this Governement can no longer make if as all reports suggest the PM is going to upgrade against the advice of the Countries leading experts.

If the report does indeed come out recommending no change then I can not be anything but humbled by the integrity and honesty of the ACMD. I imagine they have come under severe Political pressure to follow the Government line. Good on them for sticking with science based evidence rather than the spoutings of the Daily Mail et al, which unfortunately seems to be the source of much of the rubbish spouted by politicians of the 2 main parties (yourself of course excepted) Evan Harris also deserves much praise for his stance too.

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