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April 20, 2008


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Sue Dale

A major British airline cancels flights on a daily basis because so many of its cabin crew are on sick leave yet still it denies contaminated cabin air is the cause of so much illness.We urgently need a public enquiry into this scandal.£10k-£20k per aircraft to fit filters is peanuts but they won't do it because that is tantamount to admitting they have been poisoning their customers and crews for years and they are afraid of the law suits that will fly in their direction.People are dying and having their lives wrecked and it has to be stopped.

Paul Flynn

Thanks, dotcommentator. No I do see Private Eye. I will look up the reference. Thanks


Good work with this, Mr Flynn.

If you are not already aware, there has also been some coverage of this matter in Private Eye this year.

Paul Flynn

Thank you Frank Brehany. That's very informative and helpful. Panoram have a good record in arousing the public's conscience on issues that have been ignored or neglected.

There is deep worry on this issue among the flights crews. The figures you quote are worrying. I am grateful for the update on the figures.

Frank Brehany

Dear Mr Flynn

HolidayTravelWatch supports your work on this matter. We continue to hear from Consumers affected by a fume or smoke event on board aircraft. I have written a number of articles on this matter, and we have created a Global Petition on this issue which is situated on our website. The petition calls for urgent action by the airline industry to install filters on board 'air bleed supply' aircraft, and for Governments around the world to create the environment whereby the airline industry are encouraged and perhaps supported to carry out this necessary work, for the protection of passengers and crew. We carried out a Facebook Small survey in November 2007. We discovered that of those who took part, 15% reported that they had experienced a fume or smoke event; of the same number who were surveyed, 5% reported that they had become ill following exposure to a fume or smoke event. I note the CAA recorded that there were 264,083 flight movements in the UK in January 2008. If you apply our survey findings, it suggests that some 39,612 flights, over the UK, in January 2008, suffered a smoke or fume event. I take the view, that whatever the debate, on who is right and who is wrong, there is a clear risk which should be recognised and dealt with. That risk should not be allowed to continue with this form of transport, the consequences are ordinarily horrendous, imagine the consequences if there was a flight emergency!

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