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April 23, 2008


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I appreciate the difficulties but again its how it looks - 'yes we can help people - oh hang on, its difficult'
And that just look like a quick response to quieten down the rebels and then the devil is in the detail 4 months down the line.
I always thought that politics was the art of the possible ... Was it so difficult to see the effect on the poorest section of society - I think the Economist remarked on it when it was announced at the time ? And being £350 ahead instead of £500 is not good - thats almost 30% lost ..

Paul Flynn

I don't think it's fudge Tony. But it will be fiendishly complicated trying to compensate all the groups of people who have lost out. Others who believe they have lost but have not, will be unhappy.

The losses will be about £150 but I believe Gordon brown is right that almost all of them have gained £500 from a Labour government that they would have had if the Tories were still there.

But who said politics was about fairness?


True .. shame that it even got raised.
And is it just me but is there a degree of fudge creeping in on the 10p tax rate. Now it seems just for certain groups and we'll see what can be done ? Or is it more definate than that ?

Paul Flynn

Gordon has an impossible choice on this. There are enough Labour to ensure that the vote is lost. If Gordon changes his mind now he will be accused of dithering. If he continues and loses the vote he will claim it is a principled stand doing what is right. Opponents will be accused of siding with terrorists. He will go for the losing option. He loses less that way.


The myth of subservient docile Labour backbenchers is dead - and a good thing too ! Now if we can just nail this unrequired 42 days detention with charge stuff then it would do a lot to say it would be worth voting Labour again

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