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March 23, 2008


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Paul Flynn

He seems to be fine advocate for progressive views on most subjects. I have frequently disagreed with him - but I would not want him gagged.

Diane Banner

The religious hierarchy have a responsibility to speak out in matters of conscience or spirituality, but should not be involved with political posturing. I speak of the Anglican Archbishop of Wales who chairs 'Tomorrow's Wales'. He really should concentrate on matters appertaining to the Church in Wales.

Paul Flynn

Thank Chris. Good to hear Catholic MP Jim Devine saying he would for the Bill. I belive the Church are deluding themselves if they believe they command the consciences of the 64 Catholic MPs who are free to vote.


Its obvious these medieval throwbacks have no idea about science, nor do they want to. They want to keep people in thrall to their superstitious fairy tales to keep the people in line. It is what they have always done throughout history and is the very basis of all religion.

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