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March 24, 2008


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Paul Flynn

Thanks twice Greg for the translation and a powerful reminder of the Alton Bill in the eighties.

It's fascinating to read the Bablefish translation.
I remember vividly the abortion debate of 88-89. 10% of my constituents contacted me by petition, letter or visits. Father Sean Seddon brought a delegation of St Josephs sixth formers up to Parliament. He died tragically shortly afterwards.

I showed weakness in that I went to great lengths to say that I understood the arguments for and against Alton. This meant that I was targeted by both sides.

Glad to hear you have survived your school experience.

Best wishes


Hello Paul

My wife is fortunate enough to speak German fluently and she wasn't impressed by the translation: in fact she was quite sniffy about it!

To quote her directly, 'The text is utter gibberish, looks like Babelfish spewings to me. I could make sense of what it says, but that is what it actually says.'

Literal translation appears below:
On Tuesday, the Brown-Sarkozy love-and bind us to a new act of atomic

It will from your memories liquidate 73 billion british pounds, for
our nuclear power station legacy. It's Omerta too for MOX - the
others throw 473 from tax cash registers and left us a dangerous
nuclear transportation dilemma.

On the topic of politics and religion, as a refugee from St Joseph's High School in Newport (circa 1989), I have strong memories of it being strongly 'suggested' my year wrote individual letters to our local MPs at the time informing them that as first-time voters we would be closely watching their actions on a right-to-life/abortion/research bill that was being read in the commons at the time.

I refused, but it is interesting to see that the Catholic church applies moral pressure to all levels of their communion. Don't happen to remember getting a large number of 'pro-life' letters postmarked 'Duffryn' in 1988/89 do you?




Is the embryo hysteria over? I hope not! I've been thoroughly enjoying it.

It's nice to see an MP who strongly supported the illegal war in Iraq resulting in countless suffering having problems because some lab work offends his masters in Rome. It also shows how much of a "bear of little brain" he is.

I think if MP's intend to serve the catholic church rather than their constituents it should be highlighted at election time and recorded in the register of members interests.

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