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March 16, 2008


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Thanks Jolly Roger, as always.

Your MP has the same reaction of all MPs that I know. None of them have ever heard of the John Lewis list. I have been there for 20 years and I am amazed at the items on the list. I know no-one with a fish tank or a plasma TV. Nor anyone who cliams for dry cleaning or an air conditioner!

The bigest story is the revolvg door for former ministers and civl servants.

Jolly Roger

Paul says....

In the present press hysterical atmosphere of MP sleaze, it’s impossible to have a balanced sensible debate on APPGs in the same way that it’s impossible to have one on MPs expenses.

Roger says....

The press hysterical atmosphere,
Will be around for much of the year.
When would you suggest the debate takes place?
We'd love to see if there's any disgrace
That can be brought to the fish tank buyers
And any more who are found to be liars.
There's clearly more than enough Labour sleaze
That needs to be exposed, please, pretty please.

I've no doubt Paul, that you'll add to the stories,
With mention of certain questionable Tories.
It seems that a cross-party consensus exists
To exploit the 'rules' with all their twists.
I accept that you have been receipted,
But there are many Members who have not repeated,
This exercise of open wide scrutiny
The thought, for many, would result in mutiny.

I met my MP, this week as I travelled
And showed the John Lewis List, gently unravelled.
"I haven't seen this before", I was told.
"Where's this from, If I may be so bold?"
"It's from the BBC website", I quietly replied,
"It's certainly opened the public's eyes wide".
The expenses that MPs gain is my loss.
Did you know? I even have to clear my own moss.


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