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March 25, 2008


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paul Flynn

Thanks for your lively response. The information comes from a very frequent visitor to Kabul.

I am sure that some NGOs are better than others. But there are 10,000 people in Kabul spending £billions with little or no detecatbale improvment. There are 11 group working to reduce the opium crop. It's increase in each of the last two years.

Consultants at recent conference urge continuing the present futile spending. It keeps consultants in jobe for decades. What is your NGO and what success can you claim?

Michael Tom

These comments about expats in Kabul are nonsense. I live in Kabul and am an expat and, obviously, the author is out of the loop. There is no excuse for lazy reporting. I assume that the author has never been a visitor to Kabul. Broad brush comments like in the article without specific evidence are intellectually vapid. In fact, there are large numbers of NGOs with foreign and Afghan workers who go routinely into harm's way to help improve Afghanistan's vast array of problems. It is no secret that Helmand is the center of difficulty and it is no secret that part of the problem is that NATO's socialist nations have not had the guts to stand up and provide adequate security. NGOs are not the problem. I suggest that the author come to my NGO. Two hundred very courageous, Afghan, America, and European hard workers will be found there with a substantial list of accomplishments, more accomplished by far than this article.

paul Flynn

You may be right Chris. It's a shame.He tends to lose his rag when cornered. But he is no fool. I do not believe that he thinks the Helmand Mission is anything but a disaster.


I think Kim saw your blog post on his Columbian army love in and made sure he was somewhere else!

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