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February 29, 2008


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Thanks rwendland. I was in Parliament when the Thorp reprocessing plant was approved. It never maade sense and has been closed for the past few years. The Tory Government were deaf to the argument that it would increase the radioactive legacy.

Nuclear has prospered because of the reluctance of scientifically illiterate politicians to challenge their advisers.

Hutton witters on on how modern nuclear power is better. He should look at Finland. Two years lates and a £1bn overspend. it will get orse. Will anyone notice?


Not only is nuclear waste legacy enormously expensive, the industry already cannot even keep to the plan on Magnox shutdown. It looks like the 2012 closure date for B205 Magnox reprocessing at Sellafield, needed to meet our Oslo Paris (OSPAR) Convention committments, may well slip to 2016. If we don't allow this slip, we have other horrendous problems and expense.

To me, Sellafield seems like a huge job creation programme! Whenever anything goes wrong, it is a few years more work for everyone at govt expense. I very much doubt it will cost anything like as little as £73 billion.


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