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February 16, 2008


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Thanks Jolly Roger. I've just read the Sunday Mirror story.

It's difficult to convince anyone outside of the commons, but these stories are a bigger suprise to MPs than they are to members of the public. It's revealing aa world of which we know nothing.

Chris Gale

Thanks for the post on the whinge fest of the farmers Paul.
No doubt 'NFU today' will be back on this one before too long!

Jolly Roger

Hello Paul, Roger calling,
And with no intention of appearing galling.
I'll stray an inch, just off topic,
To assist your quest to be less myopic.
The Sunday Mirror, within it's paper,
Exposes Gorbals Mick's new caper.
He's clocked up a million Air Miles now.
For travel between London and Glasgow.
He's given them to his snouting brood.
I really think that it's quite rude.

He should be using them for 'business' only.
But his family use them, he must be lonely.
Why should I pay for his kids?
When my life is lived upon the skids.
His wife's £14,000 taxi fares,
For shopping with her graces and airs.
I'm paying for her private car.
Just who the Hell do they think they are.

Many a mickle macks a muckle,
I can just hear his family chuckle.
This is the Speaker who builds up defences,
Against the exposure of MP's expenses.
Hypocrisy's, the best decryption,
Of your anti-myopic prescription.
Let's hear you challenge him in the House.
Or will you just sit there, quiet as a mouse?

We should send the trough snouter back over the border,
And the rest of his brood in double quick order.
He gets right up my nose, Paul, old chum.
He needs to knocked right back on his bum.
Pitchforks and heads on pikes are needed.
'Til Parliament's garden is thoroughly weeded.
And while you enjoy your succulent roast.
Guess what I'm having.........beans on toast.

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